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Madden 24 release date trailer teases the return of minigames

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Madden NFL 24 will return this August with further promise to polish the chaotic gameplay of 11-on-11 football, a core claim of John Madden himself, but with a few key additions to its mode suite. changes have also been made.

Gone is Face of the Franchise by EA Sports Madden NFL 20 I have since repeated. Instead, the old superstar mode is back, producer Connor his Mr. Dorgan told his Polygon.

“There’s a bit of setup instructions in the timeline, but really it’s just setting up the experience,” says Dougan. “But now we have tiered capabilities, with real-time player ratings, features other sports expect in his game, and moment-by-moment feedback.”

As a single stud performer (in all positions except the offensive line and special teams) without the narrative twists that often garnered no attention among the community and often got in the way between games. It will respond more directly to the player’s desire to play. behavior they really wanted.

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

Image: EA Orlando/Electronic Arts

This means that The Yard has also disappeared. It extends the created player’s presence through a more casual, arcade football style (with accompanying customizations and decorations) similar to his MyPlayer suite in NBA 2K and modes in the NHL series World of Chel. It was an attempt by EA Sports.

Unfortunately, American football doesn’t really have recreational and pick-up participation like sports like basketball and soccer, so an attempt at a sort of sports lifestyle mode for the NFL fell through.Instead Madden NFL 24 You’ll be in a mode called Superstar Showdown. This is his 3 vs 3 arcade style game.

“It’s really about getting together with two friends and building a character while playing a fast and performant avatar-based gameplay experience,” said Dougan.

In addition to Superstar Showdown, EA Orlando is also focusing on mini-games as a way to develop players in both the franchise and Superstar, and simply because they’re fun in their own right. Dougan specifically mentioned his attack lashing. Madden NFL 2005‘s “Mini-Camp” suite quickly disappeared for unknown reasons.

“Anyone who remembers Madden fondly remembers playing ‘Rushing Attack’ and listening to whatever songs they remember from the soundtrack, and it was great,” Dugan said. Told.

sports writers, I felt nostalgic about it; the player has I’ve been demanding a refund for a long time.EA Sports has finally heard the voice and 25 others that not only serve as a sort of rookie training for playing American football, but also as a vehicle for player and team progression in Franchise and Superstar modes. Bring it back to life, along with mini-games.

“Yes, it will be used for training and XP, trying to give more variety in terms of gameplay and the core loops of the franchise,” said Dougan.

This collection of mini-games is also available as a standalone experience alongside the Madden NFL Skill Trainer mode, which also teaches players the game (and rewards them in Ultimate Team mode for completing).

Otherwise, maximum effort Madden NFL 24developers seem to be on board with gameplay offering all modes. A trailer released Wednesday shows more dynamic tackling and free playmaking. Dorgan said the developers will also focus on runblocking, especially runblocking at the end of play, to provide a more authentic and enjoyable experience in that part of the game.

“We added dynamic double teaming and chip blocking,” Dugan said. This basically means more sophisticated blocking behavior where players do more than just attack the assigned player on the opposite side. “On top of that, we also completely overhauled the open field targeting system. We also developed a new system for pre-snap targeting, which actually makes the system more dynamic and thwarts exploits. It’s there to do.”

More or less, Dugan is talking about offensive lines and run blockers working more realistically, a promise that always repeats itself in the Madden series. “In past Maddens, you may have seen offensive linemen change their minds or not block like receivers expect them to,” Dugan said. “That’s why we had to overhaul the system.”

Madden NFL 24 launches on August 18th, and all of the above features and improvements will be available on PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will also launch on the same day.

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