Home Personal Development Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck — The Surprising Stories Behind 15+ Million Copies Sold, Crucial Decisions, The Art of Home Run Headlines, How to Build a Lean Team, Lessons from Will Smith, Personal Reinvention, and More (#647)

Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck — The Surprising Stories Behind 15+ Million Copies Sold, Crucial Decisions, The Art of Home Run Headlines, How to Build a Lean Team, Lessons from Will Smith, Personal Reinvention, and More (#647)

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“There is no such thing as a dating problem. All dating problems are simply personal feelings/traumas/baggage problems and manifest as dating problems.

— Mark Manson

Mark Manson (@IAmMarkManson) is #1 three times new york times best-selling author of Subtle art that doesn’t fuck Same with other titles. His books have sold nearly 20 million copies worldwide, and he has been number one in more than 10 countries.

Since 2008 he has written articles at MarkManson.netis one of the world’s largest personal development blogs with over 1 million monthly readers. In 2023, a feature film about him and his work will be released theatrically by Universal Pictures.look SubtleArtMovie.com For more information, click here in order to trailer.

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#647: Mark Manson, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck — The Amazing Story Behind Over 15 Million Copies Sold, Key Decisions, Home Run Headline Art, How To Build A Lean Team, Will・Lessons from Smith, personal reinvention, etc.

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Want to hear a story with someone who sold a ridiculous amount of books? listen to my interview with eat, pray, love Writer Elizabeth Gilbert explores her creative path by trusting her intuition, index cards, integrity checks, grief, awe, and more to say no.

#430: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Creative Path: Decline, Trust Your Intuition, Index Cards, Integrity Checks, Sadness, Awe, and Many More

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Show memo

Editor’s Note: Timestamps added after vacation!

  • Hard change and changed default behavior.
  • Be careful what you want.
  • How did Mark’s feature film deal come about?
  • Teamwork to realize Mark’s dream.
  • Talent Sourcing.
  • How did you know Mark had found the right agent?
  • From entropy to fuckery.
  • Learn the subtle art of strategic bombing.
  • Prioritize health maintenance.
  • Co-authored with Will Smith.
  • In a post-slap world, what should we know real Will Smith?
  • How Will Smith depends and how involved he is with the team.
  • It sets the course for the years to come.
  • How Mark says no to a financially attractive project he doesn’t want to do.
  • Subtle art that doesn’t fuckcover story.
  • Why Mark is making videos instead of podcasting.
  • What can we expect from Mark’s upcoming video trajectory?
  • Stay relevant and creative in a crowded marketplace.
  • The software that Mark uses to create his books.
  • recommended reading,
  • parting thoughts.

More quotes from Mark Manson’s interview

“I like working with people for the long term. one for 10 years, one for almost 9 years, the other two for about 3-4 years, crazy in the web world, and to me there are entrepreneurs doing online business I have friends at home and they look at me and say, “Are you crazy?” You can pay these people half the money. I’m like, “Yeah, but I’m going to hire every six months.”
— Mark Manson

“I think most prerequisites for being ‘rich’ are having to spend money on stupid things that you regret. I feel like that’s a non-negotiable thing. You’re not really rich until you do that, so I’ve had some of those experiences.
— Mark Manson

“For years I really, really wanted to get some mainstream media attention. Just a respectful nod like, ‘Yeah kid, you did it.’ And when I started to figure it out and get involved with a lot of legacy media, I was like, ‘Wow, this sucks. This is a pain in the butt.
— Mark Manson

“There is no such thing as a dating problem. All dating problems are simply personal feelings/traumas/baggage problems and manifest as dating problems.
— Mark Manson

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