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Michael J. Fox says he’s suffered numerous injuries as a result of his Parkinson’s

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Michael J. Fox revealed in an interview with Variety this week that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 at the age of 29 and has suffered many injuries from it.

The 61-year-old ‘Back to the Future’ star has opened up about the injuries he sustained when he lost his balance and opened up about battling illness.

Neuropathy causes unintended stiffness, tremors, and difficulty coordinating, which worsens over time. National Institutes of Health.

“I broke this shoulder and had it replaced. I broke this elbow. I broke this hand. I had an infection that almost killed this finger. I broke my face. This.” I also broke my humerus,” Fox told Variety.

In addition to already managing his Parkinson’s symptoms, Fox said he has struggled with other personal losses and mental health challenges that have made the illness difficult to manage over the years. rice field.

“I have an entourage around me for quite some time in case I fall, but the lack of privacy is hard to deal with,” he said in an interview. “I lost my family, I lost my dog, I lost my freedom, I lost my health. was doing.”

It wasn’t easy, but the “Family Ties” star said she took comfort in the support of her family, who helped her get through her health challenges.

“I just enjoy doing little math problems with existence,” the actor said. “I love getting up in the morning and thinking about it, and I love being with my family at the same time.”

And he came to a point where he accepted the effect that a debilitating illness had on his body.

“My problem is falling. I trip over things, I fall, I break things. That’s part of the disease,” Fox said. “But I hope and feel like I won’t have as many fractures tomorrow. So that’s optimism.”

Mr. Fox also talked about his experience in a recent article. Interview with CBS “Sunday Morning” In it, he reflected on how long Parkinson’s disease has been a part of his life.

“It’s been over 30 years and not many people have had this disease for 30 years,” he said. “It sucks to have Parkinson’s disease.”

Since disclosing his illness in 1998, Fox has struggled to raise money for Parkinson’s disease, knowing that funding for research and treatment development was scarce. . Founded in 2000, the non-profit Michael J. Fox Foundation raised According to its website, it has invested more than $1.5 billion in research into Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease affects about 500,000 Americans. National Institutes of HealthHowever, because it is so often undiagnosed, some experts estimate that as many as 1 million Americans may have the disease.

Fox retired from acting in 2020 after his illness made it difficult for him to learn to speak and act, but he soon starred in a new documentary about his life, Still: The Michael J. Fox Movie. It details the successful career of , a sober journey, a battle with Parkinson’s disease, and a spirit determined to live on of its own accord despite the crippling symptoms of his disease.

“No matter how much I sit here and talk about how I’ve philosophically accepted Parkinson’s and taken the weight of it, it still hurts my butt. I can’t win.” I’m going to lose,” Fox told the magazine. “But there is much to be gained in loss.”

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