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New Year’s Resolutions Simplified: It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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You and I are going to come across 100 articles about New Year’s resolutions for 2023…again. And if you and I are like the majority, well-meaning normal people who genuinely want change, we aspire to big things, get frustrated later, and give up on the list we made … Also.

But what if we kept it really simple this time? What if we didn’t have to create an endless list, look at it, and remember all the things that could go wrong again?

What if we made it as easy as 1, 2, 3?

Let’s do that instead!

1. Let “1” be your magic number. Count one every day from now on, not from January 1st. What do you want to do today?

Write one email or paragraph, read one chapter, or reach out to one person. Who are the lucky people you text or call to tell them you miss them or appreciate them? Or do you want to ask them for forgiveness? Who is the only person you can write to or call about happy memories that only you share?

I personally made a promise to write, call, and pray that same day whenever that person popped into my mind. I won’t wait I believe that there is a reason we remember people and that life is so fragile. I don’t want to regret not being able to speak kindly to you.

What are you doing today to be healthier and happier?

Maybe one set of squats while washing the dishes. He orders one jump rope and jumps for one minute when it arrives. One beer, cola, or sugary drink, just one for her today, replace with water, tea, or decaffeinated coffee. Which item would you change from today’s menu for something healthier?

What’s the happy song you hear in your car or during a quick walk today? Where’s the store that parks so far away that it takes an extra step to drive back and forth?

2. Remember there are two ways a bright mind registers and remembers everything. words and images.

Paint a clear, vivid and beautiful picture for your mind of what you want. Think backwards. Create an image of what the finished product will look like and make it as detailed and exciting as possible.

Hearing your friends and strangers compliment you on how radiant, healthy, and amazing you are makes you feel good about yourself. See how you love to take care of your body inside and out. .

See yourself completing degrees, projects, letters, books, tasks, and more. See yourself walking on stage, wanting to buy your product, welcoming your project, asking for another presentation, or enjoying a summary of what you’ve read or learned.

Imagine yourself buying and furnishing the house of your dreams, having friends come over and laughing and resting in your comfort every day.

See yourself in a relationship you just repaired or discovered and are enjoying. See how good it is for you and others. Watch and listen to lively conversations and fun activities you enjoy together. Dream with photos!

When you talk to yourself, use kind, encouraging, lively, and generous words instead of the opposite. Speak as you would to someone you love and care about. Someone whose success makes you as happy as yourself. Someone who wants to be happy, encouraged and loved. Talk to yourself like that in your mind every day and see what happens.

3. Imagine yourself as a triangle.

One facet is your mind, the second facet is your mind, and you are connected to the third facet, your amazing body. The entire inner space is filled with your spirit, who you are, your true and most profound self.

All of you need to be cared for, cared for and nurtured. Pay attention to what each part requires. How are you short? What am I missing? What can you do today to nurture each part?

I nourish my spirit with daily prayer and silence. It fills you with concentration, strength and insight. I also always pray for someone outside my family. Walking helps you take care of your body this season.

1, 2, 3.

When the day is over, I congratulate myself on the things I’ve done and the steps I’ve taken, and look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

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