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NFL memo – Non-agent might be contacting teams for Lamar Jackson

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Lamar’s RGIII: ‘There’s something bigger going on here’

Robert Griffin III and Jeff Darlington discuss Lamar Jackson’s tweets and the NFL’s remarks about talking to Jackson without proper explanation.

Owings Mills, Maryland — Lamar Jackson’s offseason story took another unexpected turn with the distribution of league-wide memos and the involvement of a fitness equipment business partner named Ken Francis.

On Thursday, the NFL sent a memo to all clubs urging staffers to convince team staff to negotiate a deal with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Jackson, who has received a non-exclusive franchise tag, who has not been certified by the NFLPA. We have notified you that there is a possibility that

League rules state that Jackson does not have an agent, so the team can only speak to him.

According to a memo obtained by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFLPA has notified the league that Francis, who is not an authorized agent for the players’ union, may be contacting teams regarding Jackson.

A memo distributed to all 32 teams said: regarding such negotiations. “

Francis told ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler that he has not contacted the team on behalf of Jackson.

“I’m not an advocate for Lamar,” Francis said.

Jackson also denied that Francis had contacted the team on his behalf. Tweet: “Stop lying that the guy didn’t try to negotiate for me.”

Francis said he is a business partner with Jackson in portable gym equipment and that’s the extent of their business dealings. As I emphasized, there are people in his circle that he can talk to.

The memo reminded teams that offer sheets can only be negotiated if the player is acting on their own behalf or with an accredited agent.

“For clarity, Mr. Jackson is not currently represented by an NFLPA accredited agent,” the memo read. Player contracts may be disapproved.”

The NFL can fine a team up to $47,000 if a club negotiates a contract with an agent or representative not verified by the NFLPA.

It’s the second time in seven months that the league has had to deal with the issue. In August, the NFL’s governing council told 32 teams about speaking to a non-NFLPA-certified agent who was contacting the club on behalf of former Chicago Bears linebacker Roquan Smith. Smith was traded to the Ravens last season and entered into five-year extension talks with Baltimore in January.

On March 7, the Ravens gave Jackson a non-exclusive franchise tag after failing to reach a new deal after 25 months of negotiations.

Under the non-exclusive tag, Jackson can negotiate with other teams. receive.

Without an offer sheet, Jackson would have earned $32,416,000 under the tag.

A Ravens official told ESPN that the team has only negotiated with Jackson since he qualified for a contract extension in 2021.

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