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NYT Crossword Answers for June 9, 2023

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Friday Puzzles — Do you have a favorite crossword constructor? You probably have a few favorite puzzles here and there, but are there any puzzle makers whose work you admire all the time?

I always hesitate to say I have a favorite because I believe that each puzzle should be enjoyed on its own merits. (The word “judged” is incorrect here. Puzzles are not county fair entries waiting to win a blue ribbon.)

But I really like Robin Weintraub’s puzzles. They are like rays of the sun.

Some respondents say they enjoy riding the builder’s “wavelength”. That means you can feel the puzzle creator’s thought process in order to solve the clues. For me it’s more than that. Mr. Weintraub has made me stumble several times, but I always bounce back with a smile. I think it’s because she’s chosen very interesting entries and works tirelessly to remove junk padding from the grid. These qualities make it seem like stumbling isn’t so bad. I’m not sure how edited her clues are, but they’re fair, fun, and full of my favorite wordplay.

I’ve always hoped that solvers would be able to know enough about individual puzzle creators to form their own preferences, just as people have bands, writers, and actors they admire. When I say preference, I don’t mean it in a competitive sense. But when solvers know enough about their constructors to be able to appreciate and explore their work, it’s the measure of the diverse talents behind this daily pastime of ours. Become. It’s also a way to see the art of puzzle making as something more than just his two-dimensional knowledge test.

So tell us: who is your favorite constructor?

1A. This is quite a misdirection to open the puzzle. First, I wrote “railway” in the 5-character frame of “maybe the train will be pulled”. It turns out that the answer is not about this mode of transportation. The train in this puzzle is part of someone’s wedding dress and the answer is AISLE.

16A. Was it your first intuition that you wanted to write “carat” in “Diamond Measurements”? I believe this clue refers to the shape rather than the gem. The surface area of ​​a diamond is calculated by multiplying the length of one of its sides by the distance between two opposing points.

25A. If you “can’t stand” something, you hate it, but that’s not what this clue is asking for. “A game you can’t bear to win” is a great tip for MUSICAL CHAIRS that you can’t win without sitting down.

3D. “What are the consequences of split judgment?” Refers to a decision to separate from a larger organization, such as when the SECT separates from a major religion.

6D. Weintraub showed off his SERIAL COMMA phrase for the first time, and this little punctuation mark is a very interesting topic for the Wordplay team. Many writers have a habit of putting a serial comma at the end of a list, but the New York Times quickly finds out that a serial comma is not used here according to the stylebook. It’s a surprisingly difficult habit to break, and I had to convince a number of writers after I explained it.

27D. SOUP TO NUTS (“Everything is included” in the hint) is a great phrase, and I’m really surprised it hasn’t appeared in crosswords since. 1989. Say it out loud. Isn’t that fun? Let’s take this home.

32D. “Professional martial artist?” Anyone who fights professionally is fine. However, in puzzles, the word “fighter” also means “opposite”, and a “professional” fighter is ANTI.

The New York Times Crossword has an open submission system, allowing you to submit puzzles online.

Read our How to Make a Crossword Puzzle series for tips on how to get started.

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