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One woman’s experience with viral weight loss drug

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(WJW) – Called Hollywood’s worst-kept secret. Brand-name drugs meant to treat diabetes have become something of a magical weight-loss regimen for celebrities. Will it work for you?

“I happened to be going to the hospital for something else, and they checked my sugar levels and said, ‘Oh, you should see a doctor.'”

Beverly Hettich, 74, of North Olmsted, was just 45 when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

After nearly 30 years of taking medications, injecting insulin and watching what she eats, last year her doctor suggested she try Ozempic.

Beverly’s sugar level soon stabilized. And she says there have been welcome side effects.

“They told me it would be kind of a bonus because I really needed to lose weight. rice field.”

Ozempic is a weekly injection that causes the body to produce insulin, which lowers blood sugar levels, slows digestion and makes you feel full.

The drug Wegovy is Ozempic’s weight loss counterpart, both of which contain semaglutide, which suppresses appetite.

With this so-called miracle drug, it is hoped that you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. Doctors say it’s irreversible.

Obesity is a chronic, relapsing disease that patients need to take a more intensive approach, says Reena Bose, M.D., a physician in endocrinology and obesity medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

“There’s no one size fits all,” says Bose. “Ozempic is a valuable tool for most patients, but it’s more than just a drug, it’s also a holistic approach. That’s why it focuses on diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.”

Beverly Haettich started out at 221 and is now down to 174 pounds.

Wives, mothers and grandmothers have said that both Ozempic and a strict Mediterranean diet with moderate amounts of chicken, eggs and seafood changed their lives.

you have to go on a diet Don’t eat only what you want to eat to lose weight. “

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