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The Best Drugstore Undereye Concealers, Tested by Our Editors

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I have a pretty healthy relationship with aging. I’m fine with a wrinkle or two on my forehead. However, I definitely draw lines on the dark circles under my eyes. I never leave the house without tinkering with them.

In addition to researching the Camille Styles team, I scoured the web for glowing reviews and ratings and ended up with 9 absolutes of 4 truly outstanding under-eye concealers for under $15. We have reached Bangor.

Now let’s make your eyes pretty expensive.

featured image Riley Reid.

Image courtesy: Lyana Levy

How I Arrived at the Best Undereye Concealer

I’m a makeup minimalist, but I’m serious about concealers. If you play it right, you can usually skip the basics entirely. Because a good concealer should be able to cover literally everything from redness and uneven skin tone to light contours, in addition to under-eye bags.

For a while now my go-to concealer has been Gee Beauty Brightening ConcealerAfter taking a masterclass from the founders (learning that, despite popular belief, you should absolutely apply concealer to your eyelids and outer corners), I became obsessed with bright, vitamin-packed liquids. But at $38 per pop, the rate I apply concealer, I was looking for drugstore dupe pepper to treat dark circles.

Aside from my colleague’s trusted recommendations, I bought each product and judging aggressively the consistency, coverage, and creases along the way to give them all a fair spin in the old eye area. .

Best Drugstore Undereye Sealers of 2023

All of our products have been carefully curated by our editors and we always give honest opinions whether it’s a gift or something you bought for yourself. can be obtained.

It was really light and nice. I also deeply appreciate how thin and precise the wands are (many of the wands in the roundup are almost comically large).

something to love: Moisturizes the skin without worrying about wrinkles and absorbs easily into the skin.

nothing: NYX concealer is great for layering, but if you like full coverage, you’ll blow this bottle right up.

“Yeah, I thought I’d left my elf products behind in high school, but this concealer gets the job done. rare beauty and wonder beauty), this affordable option offers the same lightweight finish plus Added hydration. Other products in the past dried him out within an hour and accentuated his sleep deprivation rather than masking it, but this pick pairs perfectly with my tinted his moisturizer and keeps me hydrated all day long. The result will be a smooth finish. ” — Isabel, Editor-in-Chief

“This is always stuffed in my purse and makeup bag for on-the-go use. wonderful Hydrating and sponge application for a more natural and even application. I don’t feel like I’m wearing concealer when I use this. ” — Kelly, Contributing editor

If you want a matte finish, this is the concealer for you. It lasted beautifully and was super easy to layer and reapply all day. (My right eye is treated with Neutrogena).

something to love: I like the lipstick-like shape that gives a good finish and is easy to apply on the go. Standard instant wallet.

nothing: Given its name and its hyaluronic acid core, Neutrogena Concealer wasn’t quite as hydrating as I expected.

I’m sorry I’m afraid to jump! This is me with no makeup, except for old mascara and Neutrogena his concealer on the left eye in this photo.

go a little length This way. It has full coverage up to max and goes nowhere.The L’Oreal concealer was a little more drying than I expected, but the product teeth Designed for oily, acne-prone skin.

something to love: A full coverage concealer that can be covered in one application, perfect for skipping foundation.

What is not: I didn’t like the way it settled down.

I didn’t know it was possible, but it ended up being a shade too light for my deep, pale skin. That being said, the consistency is beautiful, offering the same full coverage as the L’Oreal Infallible concealer, with a bit more hydration.

something to love: Cover power is killer and wrinkles are not noticeable even after a long time.

nothing: The product is thick and the wand is large, making it a bit difficult to blend accurately.

Image by Michelle Nash

Thick, full-coverage products take a little effort to blend in, Anti-inflammatory niacinamide in every drop.

something to love: Covering blemishes with concealer feels like a loss, but makeup revolution niacinamide makes me feel a little better.

nothing:in the meantime appear Great, it can feel a little too matte (almost chalky) after sitting on the skin for a while.

This trusty concealer might work best with a little moisturizer first, but it gets the job done easily.

something to love: Cruelty free with vitamin E.

nothing: Smells a bit like paint… I’m not the only one thinking this, according to Amazon reviews.

It has a beautiful silky feel without being sticky.Unlike the Neutrogena sticks that I really loved, I actually felt this hyaluronic acid.

something to love: I swiped this so extravagantly. I can’t believe it’s only $7.

nothing: That said, it also swipes thick and can take a little effort to blend in.

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