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OpenAI reportedly warned Microsoft about Bing’s bizarre AI responses

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OpenAI has reportedly warned Microsoft to take it slow to avoid inaccurate and unpredictable responses by integrating GPT-4 into its Bing search engine. there is wall street journal report The OpenAI team warned of the downside risks of prematurely pushing chatbots based on unreleased versions of GPT-4.

Despite warnings that minimizing inaccurate and bizarre responses may take time, Microsoft continued. Days after Bing Chat launched in February, users complained that the chatbot was unpredictable, insulting, lying, sulking, gaslighting people, and even I realized that it could claim to identify the enemy.

Microsoft quickly limited Bing chat responses to prevent the AI ​​from going really crazy. It took me months of work to get the Bing chatbot back to the point where I could have long back-and-forth conversations without unexpected outbursts. However, problems often still occur.

wall street journalThe report also describes the tensions as the two companies collaborate and compete on AI capabilities. Microsoft executives were reportedly skeptical about ChatGPT’s launch last year.of WSJMore OpenAI says it notified Microsoft several weeks ago that it would begin public testing of ChatGPT at the same time that the software giant began integrating OpenAI’s models into Bing.

Microsoft and OpenAI have a rather unique partnership, but both companies support and compete with each other at the same time, leading to some conflicts behind the scenes.

Microsoft licenses OpenAI models and technologies that can be used in Bing, Azure, Office, Windows, and many other products. Microsoft extended this close partnership less than a month before it launched its new Bing chatbot in a “billion dollar investment” rumored to be worth around $10 billion. Microsoft is OpenAI’s exclusive cloud partner, and Microsoft’s cloud services power all OpenAI workloads across products, API services, and research. At the same time, OpenAI has developed its own products and API services that appeal to the same customers that Microsoft is courting. ChatGPT also competes with Bing AI. information report About some of these troubles that happened earlier this year.

and Wired today’s interview A conversation with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella briefly touched on this aspect of the competition with OpenAI. “We felt that OpenAI was aiming for the same thing as us,” says Nadella. “So instead of trying to train five different foundational models, he needed one foundational basis for the platform effect. So we partnered up. They bet us, I We also bet on them.”

When asked if Microsoft was trying to acquire OpenAI, Nadella dodged the question. I asked Bing if Microsoft had attempted to acquire OpenAI, but the company also said, “We found no information to suggest that Microsoft has attempted to acquire OpenAI in the past.” did not want to discuss.

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