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Popular Steam Game Raises Price After 7 Years Without A Sale

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The screenshot shows a large, complex base built with Factio.

screenshot: woob software

Critically acclaimed base-building hit factor Weird duck. The game has never sold since his Steam release in 2016.And now the developers behind factor is changing the prices of popular games, but not discounting them. Instead, the price will jump $5 next week. The developers blamed inflation for the sudden price increase, but interestingly, the general reaction from the community was largely positive.

Since its release on Steam seven years ago, factor is a popular game that is never sold. on the game’s Steam pageit has a disclaimer to let people know that the developer has no plans to “go on sale or lower the price in the near future” after going from $30 to $35 on Jan 26 this trend will continue.

“This is an adjustment to account for inflation levels since the 2016 Steam release.” official factor twitter account Tweeted. You might expect an influx of angry reactions from players, but the developers have done a good job of being transparent with the community, for example paying a lot of attention to upcoming price changes. It seems that factor We also avoid microtransactions and other exploitative or expensive DLC. The end result is that not only are people happy with this price increase, but many are suggesting that the studio offer more ways for players to help financially support the game. am.

“Okay, but give me an add-on to spend more money. [on] This game! “Honestly, I already own the game and would love to see other ways to support it,” another fan tweeted.

woob software

For nearly a decade, you might be wondering why studios haven’t included their games in Steam sales. According to the manufacturer of factor so 2016 Forum Postit’s about respecting the players who buy the game, not rewarding people who “hold off” to buy the game at a lower price.

“If you think [Factorio is] If the price is too high, please choose not to buy. With enough time and additional development, we hope you will be convinced of its value.

factor Steam isn’t the only game making changes to make more money as the economy continues to decline.military shooter squad returns to the developer’s promise to never do paid DLC or cosmetics. In future updates, squad Get your first paid DLC In the form of new in-game emotes.

Here’s what the team behind the online Milsim shooter had to do. say on Steam About upcoming new paid cosmetics:

As we look to the future, we see a healthy and long life. squadIt has a large and dedicated player base. Further updates and game support are planned for 2023 and beyond. While many of these planned updates are free, we also recognize that we need a way to continue to fund development. squadPaid content like emotes is one way to help fund its development and continue work to improve the game.

compared to people’s reactions Factorios Price hike, reaction from squad‘s player community was far less positive, feeling betrayed after being promised this wouldn’t happen. Some were more open to new options, understanding that they needed a way to bring in more income. increase.

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