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PowerWash Simulator Is Adding More Free DLC Later This Year

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clean up with bikini bottoms

screenshot: future lab

Rise and Rise in 2022 power wash simulator That’s what video games are all about. It’s a dirt-removing game, delivered wholeheartedly. very well made.it got me over Horrible situation of new coronavirus, I meticulously scrubbed every stain from adventure playgrounds and country mansions and became a well-deserved blockbuster. So post-release additions are even better. leaned against. And today, developer FuturLab revealed plans to do even more in 2023.

The first update in January added 5 new levels set in the game world, completely free. tomb raider.you can Clean up the front of Croft Manor!you can Scrape off the obstacle course! And it was delivered with as much seriousness as the main story.And in March came a free bundle Final Fantasy– Theme areas! Last week, the first paid DLC was revealed. This is, of course, Spongebob.

Today, FuturLab announced its roadmap for the rest of the year. It’s very frustratingly vague, but it gave us a very important opportunity to post a teaser. for that warhammer 40k crossover!It’s the furthest thing to be included on the roadmap, but. By then, it looks like we have a lot to look forward to.

future lab

What we learned from their tweets is that there will be another paid DLC (whatever that means in this instance) coming in Q3, plus an in-game “The Muckingham Files ” (a title given to many users) is also planned. Free new content added in the April 1.2 update.

Later, toward the end of the year, FuturLab more The free “seasonal content” is, of course, Christmas cleaning.

If you haven’t played yet power wash simulatorand you wonder if this is an elaborate ruse, or Kotaku I’m completely screwed, but don’t worry, it’s neither! This is a legitimately great game, available on Game Pass. Create a zen-like, methodological happy place where you can find the satisfaction of making dirty things shiny without vacuuming.

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