Home Personal Development Simon Coronel, World Champion of Magic — Quitting the Day Job, The Delights of the Magic Castle, Finding Glitches in Reality, Learning How to Use Your Own Brain, and Worshiping at the Altar of Wonder (#679)

Simon Coronel, World Champion of Magic — Quitting the Day Job, The Delights of the Magic Castle, Finding Glitches in Reality, Learning How to Use Your Own Brain, and Worshiping at the Altar of Wonder (#679)

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“If there is no right time, it is better to be early than late.

— Simon Coronel

Simon Coronel (simoncoronel.com) Due to his skills as a magician and illusionist, he is legally classified as an “alien with extraordinary abilities” by the United States government. Simon met magic in 1999 as his freshman year at the University of Melbourne. After that, he worked his five years full-time in management consulting jobs while juggling a “secret” performance career.

He is now a jigsaw puzzle designer. magic puzzle companyhas the #1 most-sought puzzle of all time on Kickstarter, and is a regular performer at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

Simon has made two appearances on the popular TV show. Penn and Teller: Cheat Us. He has won over a dozen international awards for Magic, including being named Magic World Champion at his FISM, the 2022 Magic Olympics.

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#679: Simon Coronel, Magic World Champion — Quit Your Day Job, Enjoy Magic Castles, Find Reality’s Flaws, Learn to Use Your Brain, Worship at the Altar of Wonders

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Want to hear a podcast episode with someone Simon once cheated on? Listen to the interview with Penn Jillette ( penn & teller In it we practice a skeptical attitude without being cynical, compensating for a weak visual memory, a youthful gait, technically as homeless buskers a few times a week. We talked about making 10,000 yen, quelling animosity with wit and milkshakes, and losing 0.9 pounds a day for the four of us. For a few months I hooked up with the legendary Richard Feynman and much more.

#405: Talking about the magic of Penn Jillette, losing over 100 pounds, and using kindness as a weapon

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Show memo

  • [06:12] radical speed.
  • [08:23] magic castle.
  • [17:27] Catch a magic bug at the age of 18.
  • [19:56] Recognize nerve divergence.
  • [28:16] glitches of reality.
  • [30:53] The road to winning the 2022 FISM World Magic Championship.
  • [53:04] A workshop to untwist Before competition.
  • [57:59] Muse and Shoot Seal of Approval.
  • [1:01:31] Gauge audience perception and find balance before a match.
  • [1:05:49] big day.
  • [1:18:45] Category of stage magic.
  • [1:20:15] I cried ugly through the victory.
  • [1:30:10] The situation immediately after.
  • [1:34:03] A return drink at Magic Castle.
  • [1:36:37] Why was I lucky to start playing Magic later?
  • [1:39:13] How working at Accenture affected Simon’s weaknesses.
  • [1:45:30] Decided to do magic full time.
  • [1:52:34] A hotbed of magical innovation.
  • [1:55:57] Anxiety of mentalism.
  • [2:01:13] Why is magic so hard to learn for beginners?
  • [2:07:29] How Simon teaches magic
  • [2:10:45] Magic in media.
  • [2:14:35] Is atheism a prerequisite for modern magicians?
  • [2:16:14] jigsaw puzzle.
  • [2:23:26] parting thoughts.

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“Fear and enthusiasm fought. And fear kept winning.”
— Simon Coronel

“If there is no right time, it is better to be early than late.”
— Simon Coronel

“Magic is much wider and deeper than people think. There are so many different rooms in a magic house that you can spend ten lives and still know everything there is to know and learn.” You won’t even be able to get close to
— Simon Coronel

“If you know how it works, such illusions do not occur. And in the forest, trees fall and there is no sound, because there is no magic without a mystery.”
— Simon Coronel

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