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Starfield Locked At 30FPS On Xbox For Consistency

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ever since star field It was revealedFans have been wondering what framerates this sci-fi RPG will run on consoles.in a new interview with IGNCreative Director Todd Howard has confirmed that the Xbox Series X/S version will remain locked at 30fps in order to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the game.

“I think it’s not surprising given the games we’ve played so far and what we’re aiming for,” Howard said. Said IGN later star field direct today. “It’s always been a huge, open world, a completely dynamic, highly detailed world where anything can happen. And we want to do that. 4K on the X, 1440 on the S. We want it and we want it all, so we lock it at 30. We don’t want to sacrifice any of it.”

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The longtime Bethesda game designer added that the game “runs great” and can hit 60fps at times. “But on consoles, we lock it down because we like consistency without thinking about it,” he says. It’s also apparently performing well on the less powerful Xbox Series S, which Howard said he’s been playing most of the time since taking office. Kids will own the Xbox Series X.

Higher frame rates have long been accessible to PC players with high-end equipment, and have been one of the big selling points of ‘next-gen’ consoles. Recently, however, some blockbusters I have struggled to reach that goal. Gotham Knights Locked to 30fps on console, Arkane Austin’s red fallis an Xbox first-party console exclusively advertised with 60fps gameplay footage, but won’t get 60fps mode until some point in the future.

But given Bethesda’s past track record, wide openWorld RPG A steady 30fps at boot will probably come as a pleasant surprise to most fans.

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