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Steven Seagal Slams U.S. Media for ‘Lies’ Over Vladimir Putin – IndieWire

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North Korea has Dennis Rodman. Russia has Steven Seagal.

The ‘Under Siege’ actor was awarded the Order of Friendship after continuing to support President Vladimir Putin even during the invasion of Ukraine. Speaking at an event held by the International Russian Movement in Moscow, Seagal said the US government “seeks to discredit, demoralize and destroy Russia’s new morale” in the media, where it “spends billions of dollars in disinformation and lies.” We are spending dollars,” he said. Independent).

“More than half of Americans actually love Russia, love Russians, and know they’re being lied to.” I grew up in a home because my mother was completely immersed in Russian culture and I didn’t have any parents, so I grew up with Russian culture.”

The Michigan native continued, “I grew up loving Russia and loving everything I learned about Russia from an early age. And to me, I’m a million percent Russian and a million percent Russian.” I’m a Russian from

Seagal was appointed Special Representative for Russian-American Humanitarian Relations at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2018. This year’s medal of the Order of Friendship, as Putin put it, celebrated Seagal’s “tremendous contributions to the development of international cultural and humanitarian cooperation.”

In 2020, Seagal recorded Putin’s birthday message, saying, “Today is President Putin’s birthday. I think we are living in very difficult times right now. He is the greatest leader in the world.” one of the greatest presidents in the world, and I sincerely hope that he will get the support, love and respect that he needs. I hope that the suffering will soon end and we will live in a peaceful world.”

“Anyone who thinks that Vladimir Putin is involved in fixing elections, or that the Russians have such technology, is stupid,” Seagal said. is actually a distraction… so people in the United States have no idea what’s really going on.”

Seagal was previously exiled from Ukraine and was seen as a threat to national security.

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