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Survey Reveals Americans are Retiring Earlier Than They’d Expected

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Americans are retiring sooner than expected, according to a new survey of 2,000 retirees.

The survey found that while people initially expected to retire at 63.2 on average, they actually retired at 61.5, nearly two years above the median.

One in three (32%) said they would have retired earlier if given the chance.

However, 51% admit that they find it difficult to accept changes in their health as they age.

Conducted on behalf of OnePoll clearmatch medicareA randomized double opt-in survey, part of HealthPlanOne, found that 87% of retirees remained out of the workforce after retirement, while 22% reported difficulty letting go of their previous employment. I was.

78% reported feeling fulfilled in their careers, but only 25% actively took time off from work. Half of the respondents said they didn’t miss it at all.

Of the 13% who returned to work, 40% returned to spend their time, but many returned to help family, friends, former employers, or for other reasons not outlined in the survey. . Only one in four returned to work because of the rising cost of living.

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One respondent elaborated in an open-ended response, “The company asked me to do some consulting,” while another said his former boss “took two calls back.”

Nevertheless, 44% of those surveyed admitted that the money they saved for retirement was not enough.

Eighty-eight percent of those surveyed were currently enrolled in Medicare, which is available to people 65 and older in the United States.

When asked about the most common misconceptions about retirement, 57% cited the idea that Social Security would cover all of their retirement, and nearly half (51%) said they believed Medicare would cover all of their medical expenses. I gave you my thoughts.

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