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Tears of the Kingdom Has a ‘Wide Variety’ of Traditional Zelda Dungeons

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom features a “variety” of traditional dungeons, each with its own unique look and feel.

Revealed in a developer interview for Nintendo sitethe team behind Tears of the Kingdom has finally confirmed that the game will be moving away from the divine beast-style dungeons of Breath of the Wild.

Technical Director Takuhiro Dota said, “Since we create dungeons that match each environment, I think people can enjoy various regional characteristics.

“The dungeons are huge, and each has its own regional look and feel, much like traditional Legend of Zelda games.”

This was extended by art director Satoru Takizawa to reveal that Tears of the Kingdom’s dungeons are similar to those featured in previous games such as Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.

“It was quite a challenge to create variety. The four Divine Beasts shared a similar design in the previous dungeon,” Takizawa admitted.

“This time around, just like in traditional Legend of Zelda games, the dungeons are huge, each with their own regional look and feel. was certainly a challenge.”

We got a half-second glimpse of what could be a dungeon in Tears of the Kingdom’s third trailer, but we also saw some footage of traditional bosses, but Nintendo didn’t want the classic dungeons to be. This is the first time I’ve confirmed that I’ll be back.

Game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi teased how one of these dungeons starts, revealing that it makes the most of Tears of the Kingdom’s new sky area.

“There is a dungeon directly connected to the surface of Hyrule.”

Tears of the Kingdom is just days away from launching on May 12th, and Nintendo has slowly but surely revealed about its long-awaited sequel, just as it always planned to use Breath of the Wild’s map. to

Of course, we also know that Ganondorf is back and played by Matthew Mercer.

Tears of the Kingdom also includes an already legendary NPC called Bucket Head, references to classic Nintendo toys, and enemies from Ocarina of Time. All of this contributes to his size, the largest file among his first-party Nintendo Switch games, and his pricier price tag of $70, but Nintendo promises it will be worth it. .

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer and UK news editor. He talks about witchers all day long.

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