Home Personal Development The Big Reveal: The Legend of CØCKPUNCH — Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss on Tim’s New and Extremely Bizarre Art Project (#636)

The Big Reveal: The Legend of CØCKPUNCH — Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss on Tim’s New and Extremely Bizarre Art Project (#636)

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The Legend of Cock Punch

welcome to another episode of The Tim Ferris ShowIt’s usually my job to interview world-class performers and draw out routines, habits, etc. that I can apply to my own life.

This episode is a little different.

It explores my creative process, how I think about first principles, and how to get serious things done without being serious all the time. In this case I am the guest and Kevin Rose (@Kevin Rose) is the host. What is Kevin? Kevin is a technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, wild and crazy guy in every way.

For more information The Legend of CØCKPUNCH™visit cockpunch.com Follow us on Twitter (@cock punch). Follow the Twitter account for news as the launch date approaches. @tferriss When @TimTimNiftiesWe will also announce our next steps in our newsletter. You can sign up at tim.blog/friday.

Please be careful: 100% of primary sales revenue Saisei Foundationa registered 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundation, funds cutting-edge scientific research and other initiatives related to psychedelic medicine, mental health treatments, and more.

The episode we are going to hear was originally evidence podcasta podcast hosted by Kevin that provides in-depth coverage of NFTs.

of evidence podcast is part of evidence (@proof_xyz). evidence We create community-centric products that celebrate art, connect collectors, and fuel creative entrepreneurship. Under the umbrella of PROOF is the PROOF Collective, a private collective of 1,000 of his avid NFT collectors and artists. There’s also Grails (which I’ve been the artist for). A post-creation artist-published collection curated by PROOF. And, of course, there is Moonbirds, a collection of 10,000 utility-ready PFPs featuring pools of varying characteristics. This is just the tip of the iceberg of evidence. Kevin does a phenomenal job. I recommend checking out what they are doing.

Let’s go on a trip to the mad city. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do…

listen to the episode at Apple podcasts, Spotify, overcast, podcast addict, pocket cast, cast box, google podcasts, Stitcher, amazon music, Or on your favorite podcast platform.

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A transcript of this episode can be found here. Transcripts of all episodes can be found here.

#636: The Big Reveal: The Legend of CØCKPUNCH — Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris Discuss Tim’s New and Very Weird Art Project

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Scroll down for links and show notes…

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The Tim Ferris Show is one One of the world’s most popular podcasts with over 900 million downloads. He has been voted “Best of Apple Podcasts” three times and is often the #1 interview on all of his Apple Podcasts. Ranked.To listen to past episodes for free, check out this page.

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