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The Google Play Store’s ‘Repetitive Content’ banhammer is back to targeting icon packs

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One of the best ways to add a zip to your Android device’s home screen is with our new icon pack. However, the Google Play Store doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about some of them, and I’m not exactly sure why. Regardless, many other designers have the same text and problem-free app experience. Those apps were quickly resurrected, but now I’m tracking two of his icon packs by another designer that are no longer in use.


problem with pix


Courtesy: Pasha Puma Design

Target pack is pix monochrome and Pix Material You Light/Dark from pasha puma design — Android Police actually picked up the original Pix Material You The pack is still available on Google Play as one of our favorite Android icon designs.

On March 7th, the Play Store violated its repeated content policy aimed at preventing app farms from polluting the store with essentially the same product over and over again and catching content plagiarized from elsewhere. I paused the app.

PashaPuma immediately appealed and it was dismissed the next day. In an email the designer shared with us in a Play Store review, his team cited specific violations and made suggestions.

Please note that we do not allow

  • Create multiple apps with very similar functionality, content, and user experience. If her volume of content in each of these apps is small, developers should consider creating a single app that aggregates all content.

To comply with this, PashaPuma must retain the reviews, ratings, search rankings, and other key metrics of the old listing and submit the revised app under the new listing.

The Belarus-based artist said his livelihood depends on sales.

Infeasible solution


Android icon packs are sold on the principle that customers buy designs to integrate with launchers, not the application experience itself. Publishers often post nearly identical apps and text in different designs and then list them in app stores for a fee. Purchasing the app buys the design. Designers may maintain and update packs to support new apps over time.

There are potential ways to integrate paywall access to multiple designs that can be updated over-the-air within a single app, but such an integrated experience may be limited by the marketability of individual icon designs, or whether an app is an icon. It works like an app store because of how packs work.

An icon pack app is not just a PNG beautified zip file. They have a lot of code to make sure they can shake hands with a working launcher app and that the right art assets are assigned to the right app. Android provides an API for adaptive icon design that allows for animation when icons are tapped, different icon shapes on assets, and the ability to change colors based on the Material You dynamic theme engine.

Unfortunately, APIs can be inflexible. PashaPuma says that his Pix Monochrome design was created at the request of a user, and that the API schema does not allow for his adaptive icon design featuring manually set colors. increase. This is just one of the reasons why the artist sells one of his designs in different colors as separate APKs of his.

play pains

Hero or lifestyle images for popular Google Play Store apps

Since we are talking about the Google Play store policy, we also need to explain how entropy is applied.vuk andric one four studio When it comes to basic apps and text, the Play Store occasionally flags one of his icon packs for an update, despite the fact that all his packs get the same changes. I spoke to These flagged updates are finally greenlit after Andric’s appeal.

Much of the recent Play Store enforcement is done through automation. However, the increased efficiency comes at the cost of having to deal with false positives and unclear reasons. Some of these enforcement decisions have confused and frustrated developers to the nth degree. Google has offered smaller app developers a few olive branches, but questionable rulings remain a chronic problem that disrupts developer workflows and revenues.

Google has approved your request for comment. We will update this story as soon as we hear back. In the meantime, both Pix Material You Light/Dark and Pix Monochrome will be removed from the Play Store.

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