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‘The Little Mermaid’ Seeing $125M 4-day Opening – Deadline

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Late Friday afternoon: As we mentioned earlier, once a Disney princess movie gains momentum, it goes on a roam at the box office.There are cases like this little mermaid, after that $10.3 million seen in preview $38 million For Friday, $105 million 3 days, and $125 million 4 days of release in 4,320 theaters per source.

Again, great results for tent poles that are predominantly female biased. What the market is still wary of is smaller films aimed at women. little mermaidThe success of female moviegoers here also paves the way for another big summer picture: Warner Bros. barbie at the end of July.

Here are the top availability for Memorial Day weekend: Top Gun: Maverick ($160.5 million last year), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End ($153 million, 2007) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull The film never combined its $25 million opening Thursday box office in four days, so the film’s Friday-to-Monday box office gross was $126.9 million, the five Thursday-to-Monday opening days of 2008. It grossed $152 million at the box office. little mermaid fill in Aladdinopened with $116.8 million in four days during the holiday season, making it the highest-grossing Disney animated live-action film.

The $10.3 million in preview money is factored into Friday’s numbers, which also counts $850,000 from Wednesday’s special fan showtime. Overall, Ariel’s preview numbers are the 7th best ever for a PG or G-rated title.

rear little mermaid, Universal Stocks to Watch in May Fast X and Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Spice up your weekend getaway.However, the counter program – Legendary/Screen Gems this machinethe comedy of Sebastian Maniscalco in Lionsgate about my father open road/briarcliff gerard butler movie, Kandahar, It is a waste. We hope to make sense of their fate as these photos make it through the weekend. See the numbers below.

1) little mermaid (Dis) Fri 4,320 $38 million,3 days $105 million4 days $125 million/ 1st week

2) Fast X (uni) 4,088 (+42) theater, gold $6 million (-79%) for 3 days $21.8 million (-67%), 4 days $27.2 milliontotal $112.1 million/week 2 (read review)

3) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (Dis) 3,940 (-510) theater, gold $5.4 million (-36%) for 3 days $20.6 million (-36%) for 4 days $26.6 milliontotal $306 million/week 4 (read review)
James Gunn’s MCU Swan Song will surpass $300 million at the box office in its 24th day in theaters on Sunday. Got 2 We reached that number in 17 days.first time Guardian It took 44 days to reach the 3rd century on the American mainland.

Four) of super mario bros movies (uni) 3,148 (-392) theater, gold $1.65 million (-29%) 3 days $6.2 million (-35%) for 4 days $8.2 milliontotal $560.8 million/week 8 (read review)

‘this machine’

Aleksandar Lettich / © Screen Gems / Courtesy Everett Collection

Five) this machine (Leg/Sony) Fri 2,409 $2.4 million 3 days $6.3 million4 days $7.8 million/ 1st week
Exactly what Sony expected from this service deal. While critics ask themselves why he got 33% of the deal done, comedian Bert Kreischer has 96% of his fans. (Read the review.)

“About My Father” by Sebastian Maniscalco and Robert De Niro

lions gate

6) about my father (LG) 2,464, Gold $1.3 million 3 days $3.8 million 4 days $4.7 million/ 1st week
At this point, this is slightly below Lionsgate’s expectations. One would expect the Sebastian Maniscalco crowd to show up. Critics don’t get it on his 30% Rotten, but audiences get it on his 75%. (read review)

7) Kandahar (OR/Brier) 2,105 theater, gold $550,000 3 days $1.64 million 4 days $2 million / 1st week
This meat-and-potatoes action movie is a play for men who plan to make a fortune by taking this picture straight into their accessories.Remember this happened with the Lionsgate/STX Guy Ritchie title Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre (It opened in March at $3.1 million and closed at $6.4 million after 21 days in theaters). Critics’ “Rotten” is 43% for him, and viewer ratings are 75%. (Read the review.)

Related: MoviePass is back.Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Star in ‘You Hurt My Feelings’ – Special Preview

Julia Louis-Dreyfus “You Heart My Feeling”


8) you hurt me (A24) Hall 912, Friday $300,000 3 days $890,000 4 days $1.1 million / 1st week
The upscale comedy starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus and directed by Nicole Holofcener caused lots of laughs at its Sundance premiere. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes are newly certified at 95% of him, while RT viewers aren’t as high at 57% for him. (Read the review.)

Exclusive, Thursday late afternoon: According to sources, Disney director Rob Marshall little mermaid I’m singing high notes tonight $10 million or more in preview. If the figure surpasses $10.8 million, it would be the sixth highest-grossing PG- and G-rated title in cinematic history. According to a follow-up study, box office receipts for Hal Bailey films were set at $120 million over the four days of Memorial Day.

Remember, the preview cache consists of fan screenings starting at 6pm Wednesday at 500 premium screen theaters, and early shows starting today at 3pm.

Even more impressive is the little mermaidpreview figures surpass Disney’s live-action figures for animated cartoons. Aladdin, From Memorial Day weekend 2019. This Will Smith picture grossed $7 million at the box office until opening Friday at $31.3 million for $116.8 million over four days. little mermaid It also easily surpasses 2015’s $2.3 million preview (starting at 8 p.m.). Cinderella, It opened at the box office at $23 million and started at $67.8 million. but, little mermaid Swims slower than Disney live action beauty and the beast In 2017, it made $16.3 million, $63.7 million on Fridays, and $174.7 million on its opening.

Movies that distort women, like twilight For example, frontloading often gets a bad reputation. However, Disney princess movies that fascinate the masses, once they burst into flames from the opening, the momentum is unstoppable. beauty and the beast It eased only about -2% between Thursday’s preview and Friday/Saturday’s opening. Frozen 2 +19% over the same period, Aladdin, The drama starring Princess Jasmine fell only -4% Thursday night between Friday and Saturday.

there are critics little mermaid Freshness dropped to 68%, but Rotten Tomatoes viewers are very happy with 95%

This is just the beginning.

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