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The Pixel 7 is the latest smartphone with spontaneously shattering cameras

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The biggest redesign of the Pixel 7 last year was in the camera bar. This has changed from his one large sheet of glass covering all cameras to a solid aluminum block with small glass cutouts for each camera lens. The thinking at the time was that less glass meant less streaks of light for the camera, and it might even have been slightly more durable due to the smaller area of ​​the glass. is.A bunch of reports started popping up reddit, Google support forumWhen twitter One day, the camera’s glass claims to have shattered. In addition to hundreds of responses on Reddit and support forums, #pixel7 broken camera Twitter is an endless stream of gruesome images.

We’ve seen this exact problem several times before in the smartphone world. Samsung was hit with this issue in 2016. Galaxy S7 and again in 2021 Galaxy S20, both kick off class action lawsuitIn the Samsung and Google cases, the shattered glass doesn’t look like it shattered on impact, usually showing the point of impact and cobwebs outwards. In such cases, large round holes appear in the glass. The phone looks like it’s been shot with a bullet.

These special smartphone glass panels are Accumulation of stress on glassI don’t know the manufacturer of Google’s camera glass, but Corning engineers describe the general process in this article. Scientific American The article says, “There is a layer of compressive stress, then a layer of central tension that the glass tries to push out, then another layer of compressive stress.” If you mess something up with the glass formula and these layers aren’t in perfect balance, one day the glass will “pop” and you’ll have these little outer explosions.

Galaxy S20 from a few years ago. All this is very familiar.

Galaxy S20 from a few years ago. All this is very familiar.

It sounds like people are describing some doubts Temperature changes from frigid outdoor weather to indoor heat complement the glass. Suggesting that it was due to a drop is hard to believe. The camera cover is a small glass circle surrounded by aluminum. Even trying to land your phone on the camera cover is very difficult.

While it’s hard to imagine this being user abuse, some users have stated that Google has not addressed the issue under warranty. His Alex Hatzenbuhler, one of his victims of Google’s exploding glass, said: posted a screenshot From Google Device Support claiming the issue is not covered under warranty.Some users have been quoted about $200 for repairs.

Samsung’s class action lawsuit over camera glass both distraught Thanks to Samsung’s Terms of Service, Things necessary “Mandatory Individual Arbitration Provision and Class Action/Jury Trial Waiver Provision.” Google defaults users to similar contract It gives them few rights. You can opt out In the case of compulsory arbitration, most people do not, so the lawsuit may go nowhere.

What makes arbitration unstoppable is the online pressure and negative press from websites like this. So, Mr. Google, cover the obviously defective hardware under warranty. The Pixel hardware division is very small, want to growbut once you start screwing up your small customer base you’re not going anywhere. An official statement that this is covered under warranty helps people deal with customer support. I have.

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