Home Personal Development The Random Show with Kevin Rose — The $1M Bitcoin Bet, Japanophilia, Rare IPAs, Preventing Hangovers, AI Companions, Fringe Discords, Affordable Luxuries, High-Fidelity Audio, and Much More (#670)

The Random Show with Kevin Rose — The $1M Bitcoin Bet, Japanophilia, Rare IPAs, Preventing Hangovers, AI Companions, Fringe Discords, Affordable Luxuries, High-Fidelity Audio, and Much More (#670)

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Technologist, serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, self-experimenter, and all-around wild, crazy man. Kevin Rose (@Kevin RoseJoin me again for another episode of ) random show.

In this article, we’ll explore affordable luxuries for your precious life, what’s good for a visit to the Magic Castle, the art of Eliza Ivanova, the secrets of supple skin, 19th-century Nintendo, Balaji’s wager, #Hangover Explains the science of cures, the moon bird of Tokyo. , The Unexpected Sambozen Inquisition, Japanese Poems of Death, Escape Rooms, High-Fidelity Immersive Sound, Nanoblocks, and many more!

Please enjoy!

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#670: The Random Show with Kevin Rose — Million Dollar Bitcoin Bet, Japan Lover, Rare IPA, Hangover Prevention, AI Companion, Fringe Discord, Affordable Luxury, High Fidelity Audio and More

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Want to hear about the last time Kevin and I made a random flag? We discussed delicious grapes and hard ketones, Kevin’s fear of flying and my fear of heights, the joy of unstuffing, living rich instead of dying rich, the ethics and meaning of AI-generated art, here. Check out the conversation on Building long-term NFT communities, meditation retreats, diabetic horse urine, and more.

#645: The Random Show, Mega-Holiday Edition — 2023 Resolutions and New Tools, Extensive Bullshit, Liquor and Ethanol Alternatives, “Yearly Removed”, One Million Sidebars, Ayahuasca Revisited, COCKPUNCH Saga reproduction, and many more

What’s your favorite quote or lesson from this episode? Let me know in the comments.

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Show memo

  • [04:44] Soup of the heart.
  • [08:37] Cheap and luxurious lettuce.
  • [13:16] Befitting a magical castle.
  • [17:12] Affordable luxury for a precious life.
  • [19:47] dream of a pipe
  • [22:04] skincare secrets.
  • [23:08] Late dating and less alcohol (#hangover).
  • [31:35] Current and expected state of the AI.
  • [46:15] Balaji bet.
  • [1:02:00] Kevin practices his ABC.
  • [1:05:17] Eliza Ivanova.
  • [1:07:10] TimTimsPrivacyScreens dot com.
  • [1:09:38] Nintendo: Hanafuda and Zelda.
  • [1:12:52] Untranslatable.
  • [1:13:48] Tokyo Moonbirds and Zen Karaoke.
  • [1:18:10] Japanese death poem and other uplifting reading.
  • [1:22:44] Some escape rooms are better than others.
  • [1:26:51] High-fidelity, immersive sound.
  • [1:31:26] A whispering replica and a vibrating “breast”.
  • [1:35:28] Nanoblock!

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