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The Story Behind Logan’s Will In Succession Is Not So Mysterious After All

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Torturing even from beyond the grave seems to be a special skill.

And Succession’s Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, seems to be succeeding.

Over the years, he has become a master at psychologically tormenting his family, and nothing seems to be able to stop him…even his own death.

And now he greatly disrupts the story in his will.

The businessman’s wake was very tense, with much murmuring around the specific document that actually contained his last wish and most importantly, his “inheritance” plan.

This document turned out to be more mysterious than we could have imagined.

The most potentially important mystery posed by this will was Kendall Roy’s controversial promotion to Wester Royko’s CEO, but its final editorial timeline issue has sparked surprising debate. I got

It might seem like the last time Logan touched his will was 18 months ago, when the show had just started.

However, if we viewers dig a little deeper, it’s possible that Will’s final adjustment came at the start of Season 4.

For example, the first episode titled The Munsters. That’s because Logan seemed a little darker to fans that day and preoccupied with his thoughts.

Perhaps he was thinking about the fragility of life after an awkward discussion about the afterlife with his personal bodyguard, Colin, while leaving his own party.

In fact, in that scene he claims that Colin is his best friend.

And after that confession, it’s clear to fans why he made the arrangement to “give Colin a Rolex Daytona” after his death.

That’s just speculation, though.

And what exactly changed his mind and rewrote his will – well, that’s another story, but we may find out later in the final season.

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