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The Way of Water’ Crosses $1B Global Box Office – Deadline

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Wednesday update:updated to the latest… James Cameronof Avatar: Water way has officially surpassed the $1 billion global mark. As I wrote yesterday (see below), 20th century studio/disney The sequel hit a milestone in gross revenue Tuesday. This benchmark was achieved in just 14 days after the worldwide launch.

way of water Since then, we can boast about being the fastest to reach $1 billion. Spider-Man: No Way Home and reached the mark in 2022 as the fastest.Also finished 6thth The movie made over $1 billion in its first two weeks of release.th Disney releases to do so.

Tuesday gave Na’vi $50.8 million from offshore markets and $23.8 million domestically.


Previous Tuesday: James Cameron’s Avatar: Path of Water is approaching the $1 billion global box office, easily surpassing $900 million worldwide by its second Monday. This is the latest benchmark for the long-awaited sequel, achieved just 13 days after its global rollout began.When $955.1M until monday road of water has become the third highest grossing film of 2022 and the fourth highest-grossing pandemic-era film. Plus, with today’s attendance numbers globally, he’s expected to reach the $1 billion milestone.

Until Monday, Split $293.2 million domestic and $661.9 million and international box office. Internationally, way of water is now the second release of 2022, making it the third studio title in the pandemic era.

mid week Last week was very strong, and sci-fi epics continue that trend this week, with vacations in full swing and many holiday distractions in the background. France and Italy, for example, played their best this Monday since the movie came out.

Monday’s offshore total was $52.2 million and domestic was $31.5 million.

The top five foreign markets by Monday are China ($104.5 million), France ($60.5 million), South Korea ($55.4 million), Germany ($41.5 million) and India ($39.2 million).

On Tuesday, although not included in the above total, 20th Century Studios/Disney’s sci-fi epic grossed a cumulative $108.7 million in China, per local estimates. Ticketing service Maoyan has raised his forecasts again, and in the end he expects $170 million. In South Korea, local estimates put him at $58.2 million in cumulative earnings through Tuesday.

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