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This Black Friday, Imagine Life Without Shopping

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Billboards, commercials, and emails would shout a simple premise today: buy more, live happier.

We are promised deals in appliances to upgrade our lives, sales of clothing that will make us more popular, and offers on the appliances we need to create the perfect home.

These ads feature smiling kids, happy families and groups of friends enjoying the best holiday season ever.

There is no doubt that the images that surround us today (and next month) depict how much our lives can be improved by purchasing something new.

But today, it would be wiser to imagine a life without shopping than wanting everything we don’t have.

Think of the possibilities…

Less shopping means less regret.

Of course, there are legitimate needs in our lives. And sometimes you can find those items for sale. But most of the purchases made over Black Friday weekend have nothing to do with legitimate needs.

actually, 42% of shoppers say they regret their Black Friday purchases.Make no mistake, most Black Friday purchases are impulse buys that aren’t need-based.

But when we look around your house, there are countless purchases and money spent that we want back. I feel it for the first time.

Less shopping means more time.

Everything we own takes time to buy, manage and care for. (And that doesn’t include the time needed to earn the money to buy it in the first place).

on average, Americans spend more than 90 minutes a day shopping— That’s 11 hours/week.

I need some shopping (groceries, etc.). But imagine what life would be like with an extra 11 hours each week. Take it easy, be less stressed, give yourself more time to do what you really love.

Less shopping means more money.

According to some studies, Average American spends $1,802 on total vacation spending Millennials lead this year with $2,053 per person.

(Incidentally, that statistic is based on an individual basis, not a family basis, so multiply by household.)

And if we think of it traditionally, 70% of Americans overspend their vacation budgettoday’s less shopping life certainly offers a more enjoyable and less stressful January.

Less shopping means more focus on family.

One of the biggest myths prevalent this time of year is that families need to buy a lot to enjoy the holidays. it’s simply not true.

Stressed, tired, and broken parents aren’t what kids need for a season of fun… just the opposite. They need their parents to be present and involved in their lives.

Imagine how the holiday season would be different if you spent less time stressing, buying and wrapping gifts from department stores, and instead spending more time paying close attention to your children. .

Less shopping means the holiday season is more focused on what’s right.

Each of us defines the reason for the season differently. I focus on personal beliefs. you focus on you Or choose to focus on family, gratitude, or year-end reflection.

No one says consumerism is the most important reason for the holiday season. But many of us inadvertently live our lives as they are.

We are having a hectic time at our online and physical stores. We will take a closer look at sales and advertising. We spend money on things we don’t need. We emphasize getting the perfect gift for the perfect person. Even 77% of us buy gifts for ourselves.

But for every hour spent shopping, for every dollar spent in the store, there’s one less dollar and one hour spent reliving the deeper meaning of this holiday season.

Admittedly, you’re going to live a little different this time of year than you’ve had the other 11 months, and for good reason. But don’t let shopping overshadow the true meaning of the holiday.

Today, and over the next few months, we’re painting a fascinating picture of how shopping can improve the holiday season.

We all need to slow down, starting today, long enough to imagine the opposite.

With less shopping, you can enjoy a more purposeful holiday season this year.

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