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This Side-Scrolling Shmup Has Intriguing Gameplay, But A Terrible Name

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While checking out the upcoming eShop releases today, I spotted a rather interesting pixel art schmap release. July 20, 2023.

Overall it looks very cool. You must pilot a multitude of mech-like vehicles and utilize a wide range of weaponry to battle different types of enemies.Yes, there are a lot of too cute women in the key art, but hey, it’s are you OK,I guess.

I mean, it was fine until I figured out what the name of the game was actually called…

are you ready?

Armored Laboratory Bar Vehicle.

Vulture…?! goodness. We’ve heard some terrible names before, but this one is definitely one of the worst.

Still, we will accept it without question.let’s check Synopsis and features of the official story:

The year is 2010 AD.

The Avic branch of the Super Electroscience Laboratory is home to an eccentric group of researchers from all corners of the galaxy who live in harmony.

One day, the TDF (Terran Defense Force) launched an offensive military operation to eliminate all extraterrestrial life in Avic and took control of the land occupied by the Institute.

However, what stood in their way were six beautiful girls equipped with 12 types of universal armored fighting vehicles “Val Vehicles”.

Can these carefree heroines save the research department and restore peace to Avic?


– 6 areas and a total of 24 stages.
– Play with 12 unique vehicles.
– 5 different difficulty levels.

Would you like to download Armored Lab Force VULVEHICLES when it launches on the eShop next month? Share your name and your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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