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To Become Better Adults, Look to the Lessons We Teach Our Kids

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“Be the person you needed when you were young.” —Brad Montague

It is easy to see shortcomings in others, but it is difficult to see shortcomings in your own life.

“We believe life is better”he didn’t behave like that,” If “she didn’t say those things,”or”Only my boss starts to be more ________

On a larger scale, we quickly think society will be better off. those people Don’t be selfish, greedy, argumentative, be thoughtful, or just see things your way.

It’s easy to spot faults in others rather than yourself, so you’re quick to point out areas for improvement in others, but slow to spot blind spots in your own life.

A powerful old adage goes like this:Be the change you want to see in the world

This quote is often read to encourage positive change, like “Be the first to do what you want others to do to you.” And it’s true.

But the other side of the coin is just as important. “If you want other people to stop negative and toxic behavior in their lives, start by addressing it in your own life.”

These are not words we normally like to hear. But they are important. Positive change happens only when we are intentional about dealing with it.

Brad Montague once famously said, “Be who you were needed when you were young.”

His life mission statement is a powerful way to see the world that can change the way we see ourselves.

It also helps us discover blind spots in our lives.

We all want to model positive behavior and pass it on to our children and others.

To do that, it helps to learn the lessons you want to teach your children and use them as a mirror for yourself.

Here are some powerful examples.

We encourage children to share.

But how easy is it to share your money and possessions with others?

We encourage our children not to envy others.

But how often do you get jealous of neighbors and co-workers who have a bigger house, a higher salary, a new car, or a more luxurious vacation?

We encourage our children not to speak ill of others.

But how often do you speak ill of others behind their backs, or spread equally harmful gossip?

We tell our children to clean their rooms.

But how often do we leave the rooms in our home cluttered and untidy?

We advise our children not to waste their money and save it for something special.

But are we setting a good example as parents? live within our means Would you like to waste your money?

We teach our children to ‘talk to the new kid at school’.

But do we walk in and introduce ourselves to our neighbors?

We tell our children not to play many video games.

But how many times do you watch TV or spend the night? social media scroll?

We tell our children to read.

But I rarely pick up the books myself.

We want our children to take responsibility for their actions.

But then we blame the circumstances for our decision.

We encourage our children to be honest.

But change the truth at work and at home to suit our needs.

We teach our children the importance of forgiveness.

But how many years have we held a grudge against one of the family members?

We encourage children to not complain and be happy with what they have.

I was hoping that the circumstances in our lives would be somehow different.

I write these words as sinful above all else. No one is perfect.

But I believe everyone wants to live their best life. And each of us wants to live in a society that benefits everyone.

And perhaps the best way to do that is to start digging into the lessons we want our children to see.

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