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Tory Lanez Won’t Face Two New Witness Tampering Charges, Judge Rules – Rolling Stone

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the prosecutor tried add two new witness tampering charges to Tory Lanez.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Cathy Ta filed a new indictment Monday, citing California Penal Code 136.1. crime Try to dissuade the witness.

To remain silent about the July 12 shooting that wounded Megan in both legs, “based on the testimony of both the victim and[Kelsey]Harris,” that “the defendant spent $1 million in her car.” “The statement we made to provide it,” Ta told the court in 2020.

Judge David Hereford responded by asking why prosecutors waited so long given Megan’s underlying allegations so early in the case.Ta said he didn’t know what to do. Harris was going to testifybut given that she appeared to corroborate Megan’s claims during her turn on the witness stand, they decided to turn in the alleged “million dollar bribe.”

Lanez’s attorney, George Mgdsyan, objected Monday, saying prosecutors had known since September what Harris’ testimony could have turned out to be, and the court agreed. He said the delay put defenses in a “difficult position” in terms of planning and response time.

The judge said, “We dismiss the motion because we believe it is unfair at this time.”

Lanes, whose full name is Dayster Peterson and is a Canadian citizen, pleaded not guilty to three felony charges in the high-profile case, including assault with a firearm that caused serious injury. Hiding a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle.When A recently added count of firearms shots due to gross negligence.

If you are found guilty of being charged with alone at prom The rapper faces 22 years and 8 months in prison and then deportation.

Early Monday, prosecutors were unable to find key witnesses and asked for an extra day to bring the case to court or for permission to resume the presentation after the defense rested. was not named, but a source said rolling stone Prosecutors were referring to Megan’s former bodyguard, Justin Edison.

Over the weekend, Megan’s attorney Alex Spiro said Edison went ‘missing’ before expected testimony In that case. “He was ready to testify. He’s always plugged in, on the grid, responsive, set to testify in violent crime cases, so he goes missing,” Spiro said. said.

in him opening statement Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott told jurors last week that Edison would run for office, and said he visited Lanez’s home the day after the shooting and heard the rapper confess to being Trigger Man.

“As the court can see, there was considerable due diligence regarding this witness,” Ta claimed Monday, asking for more time.

Judge Hereford signaled that he would allow prosecutors to refrain from dropping the case as they search for witnesses.

Prosecutors then recalled two previous witnesses before handing the reins over to Peterson’s defense. LAPD Officer Sandra Cabral was the first to return to the stands, presenting police body camera footage of police stopping after the shooting. I saw a video asking Megan was also handcuffed and limped into the ambulance.

Cabral said he didn’t see the “attitude” of Tory Lanez, handcuffed and standing head down against a wall.

During cross-examination, defense attorney George Mugdesian asked if Cabral remembered hearing Lanez also express concern to Megan. The prosecutor objected to the question and the judge agreed it was inappropriate, so the officer did not answer.

The prosecutor then recalled the DA investigator and asked: A so-called diss track targeting Megan released by Harris Titled “Bussin Back” in November 2020. To further counter the defensive theory that Harris could have been the shooter, they wrote, “You know it wasn’t me” and “All you had to do was you All I could do was clear the name of my best friend.”

Magdesian later called Megan’s former stylist, Eric Culberson, to the stand to testify about a party she attended with Megan, Harris, and Peterson at Kylie Jenner’s house before the shooting.


Culberson, known professionally as E.J. King, after corroborating Harris’ earlier testimony that Megan and Harris left Jenner’s house alone with Peterson’s chauffeur in a Cadillac Escalade, killed Peterson. It is said that he returned to retrieve it.when she testified last weekMegan said she didn’t leave the party until she was able to convince Peterson to join her.

The stylist also said he never heard Megan or Harris claim Tory had a gun, and didn’t see a firearm at any point during the night of the alleged shooting.

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