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Two Exciting Updates (Including a FREE Life-Changing Event Next Week)

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Hi everyone! We are happy to announce that Suzanne of Generation Mindful will be hosting her free online event starting January 2nd.nd-FourthRelative Yourself Online Summit.

I’ve been a huge Generation Mindful fan since the birth of my two sons. After discovering that it is possible to raise a child without shame, pain, or fear, and that this is actually the key to raising a confident and emotionally resilient child, I decided to have a child. I felt comfortable holding it.

Since then, I have devoured everything I could find about positive parenting. Generation Mindful has saved my life during a difficult time when I was emotionally triggered and didn’t know what to do.

in the Relative Yourself Online SummitHear from 15 parenting experts and learn how to heal a wounded inner child and give them the love, respect and dignity they deserve at an early age.

Whether you’re a parent now or hope to have children someday, this is a great time to identify your triggers and patterns so you can break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

Not only that, but people who have been hurt by not recovering from childhood hurt each other less, and you do your part to create a more peaceful world.

Register for free Click here for the Relative Yourself Online Summit.

As for the second exciting update I mentioned, there are only 5 days left until the Best You, Best Life bundle sale. One price!

From January 2nd to 11th, you have a rare opportunity to take 95% off a wide range of personal development courses focused on self-esteem, peace, purpose, emotional resilience and more.

With programs by psychologist and mindfulness instructor Tara Black, neuroplasticity expert Rick Hanson, and best-selling author of spirituality Matt Kahn, this bundle covers nearly every area of ​​life. help create change in

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details next week!

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