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Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update Includes Some Mods, Break Others

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the good news is witcher 3already a very good looking game, but it will look even better then Next-gen update releasedThe bad news is that loads of favorite mods from the last seven years are gone for everyone playing the game on PC. work now.

as a CDPR explained in a blog post“Updating the game means modifying various files, so mods that modify those exact files will no longer work”. Prioritized changes that made the base game better than keeping the old one the same for the sake of .

However, while acknowledging that it’s been six years since the PC version of the game’s last major update, CDPR said that “it takes a long time to get used to your favorite mods” and that “this transition is possible. As smooth as possible’ we’ve compiled and tested a list of our community’s favorite mods and shared what works and doesn’t with the next-gen update.

Some of them work!Sadly Many of them, especially script-dependent ones, are notAs the CDPR puts it, “Most mods based on the script will error out because we’re changing the script in an update with the addition of new quests.” For his modder who is concerned about this, CDPR’s team of “mod experts” will “provide help and advice to her modder on the post-release forums when possible.” is.

What helps mitigate this somewhat, however, is the accompanying announcement that the next-gen update will ship with some fan-made mods at launch.

Additionally, we’ve included some popular mods in the update (available on some platforms). Refunds will be made with permission from the creator and will be listed in the updated game credits. Mods have been reworked, assets have been optimized where necessary, and the game has been adjusted to work with them. There have even been cases where the developer got so caught up in tinkering when including his mod that he simply reworked certain aspects of the game. So, in a way, the game already contains some mods.

i like it! Especially the refund part.

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