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10 Great Reader Comments on Traveling

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Do you have any trips coming up? Her husband Max and I decided to take a short road trip all summer. Think quiet lake towns and Disneyland. We are still learning the tricks of traveling with a toddler so have been spending extra time in the comments section. overwhelmed With game-changing hints. Here are 10 reader comments to help you make the most of your vacation.

For hacks on long flights:

“As a longtime business traveler, I have tried a fair amount of travel pillows and nothing has come close to matching this one. tortol. It’s like the fuzzy neck brace that revolutionized airplane sleep for me. I promise no more sore necks after an overnight flight. Just put on the eye mask and it will be golden. — Hannah

“For overnight flights, I always bring instant oatmeal and a tea bag. Then I ask for two glasses of hot water and I have a much better meal than most in-flight meals.” — Zoe

“As a child, I traveled from Australia to the United States to visit my grandparents. Our flight stopped in Hawaii and Los Angeles before finally arriving on the East Coast. I spent hours in the middle of the night throwing, catching, and chasing balls that ensured that I would pass out on the next flight.” – Rachel

About a beloved tradition:

“Every summer, my friends and I spend a long weekend in Maine. luxury hotel Eat a lobster roll on the beach, read a book, get a massage, or hunt for the best blueberry pie. It’s heaven! — Amrita

About personal plans:

“My wife and I used on our honeymoon, Boutique travel agency for LGBT. It was the first time I hadn’t planned a vacation by myself, but I was overwhelmed by finding places where I could not only feel safe, but also feel at ease. The agency has reserved accommodation only at the hotel concerned. It was worth every penny to ease the fear of being kicked out on arrival. —SML

Consolation Ritual:

“I’m an introvert and found the exhausting part of staying in hotels to be having to eat all my meals in public. ( Melitta pour over cone, filters, bags of ground coffee before departure). Just like when I was at home, I was able to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and a book, grounding me and starting the day feeling like myself. — Carla

About living like a local:

“I love checking grocery stores in other countries to find the first exciting snacks. . There are usually a few items that will give you a good laugh. Two shelves displaying three flavors of ‘Fluff’? “—SB

“We always inspect swimming poolEspecially in leisure centers and community clubs. In Budapest, I fell in love with public baths!It’s fun to go where the local families go and most of them are both historic and Affordable. ” – Vanessa Dec

Information about traveling with children:

“I have flown a lot with my toddler daughter and highly recommend the 1 roll plane. blue tape. Great fun for little ones (you can stick them on walls, trays, yourself, etc.) and comes off easier than masking tape.i will take you too puff ball and an empty water bottle. Her daughter would spend hours poking a puffball into her water bottle, shaking her bottle, and pulling it out. In case all else fails, I’ll share the advice my pediatrician gave me before our family’s first flight. All planes eventually land. — Katie

About solo travel:

“My Solo Travel Tip: When making small decisions (taxi or train? room service or breakfast cafe? museum or stroll?), ask yourself: ‘This moment, to me and to me alone.’ What will bring peace and happiness to your life?” Very often we make decisions based on what we think others might want or what we think we should want. As a solo traveler, I sometimes feel guilty and embarrassed about staying overnight instead of going on an adventure, but when I do, I ask myself: Am I doing something that pleases me? Are you giving yourself? (Room service fries and cold champagne are the best!)” — J.

What revelations have you had during your travels? Share with the group!

PS How to look fresh on vacation and Paris guide.

(The photo is from a normal person.)

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