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10 Readers Share Their Favorite Outdoor Activities

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Women's extracurricular activities

How about spending time outside? Here, 10 of his Cup of Jo readers share what they do outdoors…

“I’ve wanted one ever since I had my second child. “Unicorn Space” (A term coined by Eve Rodsky to mean a space to nurture one’s interests and creativity outside of work and family.) So I signed up for weekly riding lessons.I ride a rescue named Red — he’s a resilient, perpetually tired cutie, so we consider ourselves like comrades. We love pushing each other!” —Sindhu (above), Littleton, Colorado

Women's extracurricular activities

“I love cross-country skiing. Jim Gaffigan has an interesting bit Cross-country skiing is worse than downhill skiing, but downhill skiing is much better in my opinion. I do downhill skiing to keep up with the kids, but Nordic skiing is for being alone in the woods. It is my prayer and my church. That’s how I endure and enjoy winter. — Lacey, Duluth, MN

Women's extracurricular activities

“Climbing feeds me on all levels: body, mind and spirit. You get to meet other great climbers who are a great community.” — Sharon, Upstate New York

Women's extracurricular activities

“One of our family’s main activities is visiting local ‘pick your own’ farms. The kids love it and it inspired us to start planting our own garden this year. — Aurelia, Austin, TX

Women's extracurricular activities

“One bee can get many people into trouble, but I have found caring for them to be incredibly relaxing for me. Yes, all bees have a designated responsibility, they wake up every morning and go to work, I have been a beekeeper for 2 years, we have 2 hives at home, one of the females I still scream with joy when I find pollinated flowers. Nature at its best.” — Sarah, Perrysburg, OH

“Walking around the Rose Bowl flea market with my best friend. Sometimes I find a little curiosity, but mostly I just love a walk in the sun, some fresh air, a cold beer in hand and a chat.” It is!” — Priscilla, Los Angeles

Women's extracurricular activities

“I am a goalie in the women’s ball hockey league. I do it! Never played ball hockey except in the driveway where I grew up. But I’m having a lot of fun and it’s fun to try something completely new at 42. — Mandy, Whitby, Ontario

Women's extracurricular activities

“I started wingfoiling a few years ago and the best analogy for what it feels like is riding on a magic carpet. Growing up in landlocked Vermont, I never imagined I’d be comfortable in the vast ocean, but now I’m watching the wind forecasts intently. I am so grateful to be able to come out and move and grow in new ways.” — Julia, Ketchum, Idaho

Women's extracurricular activities

“Jumping rope brings me a lot of joy. Learning new challenges and keeping things fresh and fun.” — Jess, Vancouver, British Columbia

Women's extracurricular activities

“My favorite thing about living in the Pacific Northwest is being 30 minutes from backpacking on the Cascades. It’s a great reminder that we don’t measure in. It’s reassuring to feel small on a grand scale.” — Sukie, Seattle

How about spending time outside?

PS 14 readers share gorgeous gardens and 10 readers share happy moments.

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