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11 Women Reveal How to Get Better in Bed

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Sex Tips For Men #11

Self-esteem: the hottest aphrodisiac

Genuine confidence is the sexiest of all the sexy attributes women look for in men.

It’s sexier than a six pack, sexier than a pretty boy look or a bad boy swagger.

Sleek lines, Calvin Klein colognes, or a cheeky smile aren’t going to attract the woman of your dreams if you’re walking around with low self-esteem.

She smells the dishonesty.

Some say that gaining self-confidence comes from proving one’s own competence — winning a string of victories. There is certainly truth in it. But that’s not all.

In my book True self-confidence can only come from self-love. It is accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or so-called “success”.

This is a confidence that comes from within and that makes you shine as a carefree expression of reality. It’s refreshing and evokes confidence and charm.

Haven’t you noticed that you are most charismatic when you don’t care what people think of you?

Yeah, like two minutes before she entered the room. You were funny and intellectually compelling.

Then she appears and you hold yourself back, worried that something silly will leak from your lips.

So, for you to begin your quest for real confidence, let’s break it down:

1. Shameless:

Pay close attention to all of the following.

hide from others
deny yourself
think you should say, do, or think
not forgiving myself

This is what is holding you back.

2. Emphasize accepting each of your shame:

you are you you did what you did And if you’re like 100% of the population, you’ll probably make another “mistake” tomorrow.

When you accept your shame, you have nothing to hide. You no longer need to keep yourself tightly and carefully contained, and you can be who you really are.

To get extra points, go out and be vulnerable. When you share your shame with others, you’ll find that you’re really making progress.

3. Set strong, self-loving boundaries:

Confident people don’t apologize for having standards for what is and isn’t allowed in their lives.

These standards respect their needs and sincere wishes.

4. Let go of the “think manly”, “manly”, “manly” attitude:

A truly confident person has nothing to prove.

If you want to cry, cry

Laugh if it’s funny.

If the music makes you want to dance, go for it.

Be aware of all the rules you have about what a man should be and challenge yourself to exceed them.

What if you had permission to express your power, your dynamism, your sexuality, your vulnerability?

No matter who you are, I believe there is no one who would not benefit from a self-confidence overhaul.

Yeah women will feel it. Maybe they’ll say, “There’s something different about you. Did you cut your hair?” Do you want to lose some weight? you look fine! “

If not, it doesn’t really matter because you end up enjoying being who you are too much.

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