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What Does the Bible Say about Living Together before Marriage?

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The world likes to spread the idea that it is wise to live together before the marriage vows are exchanged. Also wise. After all, our culture encourages you to “test drive” before you “buy,” which is an incredible way to express God’s gift of intimacy between a husband and wife. I think it’s such a vulgar and crude method.

But what if it doesn’t match?, people argue. It is said that living together before marriage can open your eyes to the idiosyncrasies of your future partner. It can show you your fiancé’s quirks and bad habits and give you a chance to decide if you can deal with them. The thing is, we all have quirks and bad habits, and without the security of a contract, no one can endure such frustration over the long term. The question is not “Will they do things that annoy you?” but “If they do, will I remain devoted and loyal?”

Other arguments in favor of cohabitation include financial benefits. Sharing your bills by combining your income will make your marriage stronger financially. On paper it may be so, but the flip side is that this combination of resources and responsibilities before it’s legal only makes it harder to break off the engagement after a breakup – before marriage. Cohabiting couples are more likely to do so.

In any case, what matters to believers is what the Bible teaches, not what the world says or what makes logical sense. Yes, the Bible has some gray areas on various subjects, but Christians who live together before marriage are not among them. This issue is mentioned many times throughout God’s Word and is incredibly clear.

Here are eight verses that clearly outline God’s plan for His children regarding sexual purity.

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