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13 Easy Chicken Recipes With Minimal Ingredients, Maximum Flavor

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While it may not be as talked about as spirulina and other trending superfoods, chicken is a superhero ingredient. It’s a gold mine of protein, a favorite with picky eaters, and perfect for just about any flavor combination. Some people say chicken is boring or bland, but with a little ingenuity it’s easy to turn it into something great. When I have a busy week, I’m always on the lookout for delicious chicken recipes with few ingredients that I can source from my fridge or pantry.

Because like most of us, I like to keep things in storage. wonderful Simple. Adding veggies and starches to your chicken, along with a delicious marinade, can take even the simplest of recipes to a true level.Is there an easy way to make chicken tastier? Invest in meat thermometer. With this tool your chicken will be juicy and tender without being dry. It’s hard to imagine how a combination of perfectly cooked chicken, nutritious veggies, and delicious carbs could make dinner better.

We’ve rounded up some of the best chicken recipes that you won’t have to go to the supermarket. Keep reading to create a short, simple list and get to work on it. Meal prep just got a whole lot easier.

Want more meal prep tips to transform your weeknight? In this video, Camille shares some simple ideas to help you put delicious, healthy meals on the table without breaking a sweat. increase.

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15 easy chicken recipes made with few ingredients

Grilled chicken marinated in yoghurt with herbs

Why we love it: This grilled chicken recipe is one of my favorites. The marinade softens the chicken and adds a fragrant flavor. Fresh parsley adds a lively grassy note and a touch of honey brings a pleasant sweetness.

Hero Ingredients: If you’ve never marinated chicken in yogurt, I highly recommend trying this recipe first.

Best Roasted Chicken Salsa Verde with Tomatoes, Lemon and Coriander

Why we love it: Roasting chicken is a simple strategy to minimize the ingredients you use. Throw in some cherry tomatoes for roasting with the chicken and you have a delicious sauce on its own. Combined with a mouthwatering coriander salsa verde, it creates a low-stress, balanced meal.

Hero Ingredients: A squeeze of lemon is the secret to the best roast chicken.

Roast chicken and vegetable confit

Why we love it: The one pan meal wins my heart.food stylist Mayte Eyezpurua She gave me her classic confit recipe, using ingredients you probably already have in your fridge. All ingredients are roasted together and topped with olives and leeks for a juicy entree with built-in sides.

Hero Ingredients: Don’t skimp on olive oil.

sheet pan chicken fajitas

Why we love it: These sheet pan fajitas are one of our most popular recipes. The chicken is juicy, tangy and marinated in limey. Best place? Only 5 ingredients are needed for this entire dish. wonderful.

Hero Ingredients: Coriander and fajitas are just a heavenly combination.

Lemon Sheet Pan Chicken with Artichokes and Spring Vegetables

Why we love it: As an adult, I realize that artichokes are an underrated vegetable. Whether you enjoy artichoke cores in creamy pasta or roast them with chicken and vegetables, as in this recipe, artichokes are a standout ingredient that can add a dash of flavor to any meal.

Hero Ingredients: Roasted cherry tomatoes add a sweet, juicy flavor to the chicken.

slow cooker chicken burrito bowl

Why we love it: One of the first things I do when I run out of ingredients is to see if I can make a balanced bowl with the groceries I have. The burrito bowl is one of the simplest variations and comes with whatever toppings you choose. Minimize black beans and pico de gallo, or pair your slow-cooker chicken with anything from sour cream to smashed avocado.

Hero Ingredients: Enchilada sauce is the secret to the most flavorful slow cooker chicken.

zaatar crust chicken

Why we love it: Zaatar seasoning has been one of my recent obsessions, and Mia Rigden’s recipe showed me just how much it can enhance the simplest recipe. Paired with a simple arugula salad, this skillet-cooked chicken requires minimal ingredients, a brine, and a healthier breading than regular cutlets.

Hero Ingredients: High quality za’tar seasoning is a must in every household.

Lime Chicken Tacos with Carrots, Jicama and Mint

Why we love it: Tacos are always a good idea. Especially when the refrigerator is empty. Here in Texas, it’s rare to find a refrigerator without ingredients like limes, agaves, and jalepenos. If you have a can of chipotle in your pantry, the chipotle aioli in this recipe will elevate your tacos to restaurant quality.

Hero Ingredients: Buying jicama for this taco is a must.

Braised Chicken Thigh with Olives, Lemon and Thyme

Why we love it: To be honest, I was never a fan of chicken thighs to begin with. When I was younger, I thought it was too much work compared to chicken breast. Since then, I’ve seen the light and learned that they are juicier and absorb marinades better to bring bold flavors to the table.

Hero Ingredients: In the words of Don Draper, thyme is simple yet important and the perfect herb to add fresh flavor to this recipe.

Sea god chicken cabbage tacos

Why we love it: Chicken in cabbage tacos tossed with a mixture of hoisin sauce and a squeeze of lime is the perfect combination of sweet, spicy and tangy. Top with carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, or whatever you have in your vegetable compartment.

Hero Ingredients: Avocado acts as a buffer for tacos’ bold flavors.

lettuce wrapped thai chicken burger

Why we love it: These Chicken Burger Lettuce Wraps are the perfect substitute for red meat. Ground chicken is also a freezer staple and can be prepared in many ways with just a few ingredients.

Hero Ingredients: Curry powder brings out the flavor of Thailand.

Shawarma Marinated Chicken Thigh with Herb Salad and Lemon

Why we love it: Shawarma Seasoning is another blend that can easily take your chicken recipes to the next level in minimal time. Combine ginger, garlic, yogurt, coriander, lemon juice, and honey in a blender to create a flavorful marinade for roasted chicken thighs.

Hero Ingredients: Add double the yogurt marinade. I love dipping chicken in leftover sauce. This simple operation makes this dish even more delicious.

Thai chicken salad with spicy peanut dressing

Why we love it: This salad has been a staple in our quick lunch repertoire for many years. It has all the ingredients of a perfect salad: color, plenty of protein from the chicken, and a variety of textures and crunches. It’s probably the furthest boring salad you’ll ever have. This is the perfect and easy meal prep solution to get you through the work week.

Hero Ingredients: This salad is a PSA, so you never have to be afraid to incorporate fruit into your salad. mango? Please continue.

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