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15 Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas You Start This Weekend

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Warning: If you’re not ready for some big inspiration to tackle your weekend project, walk away now. Nothing gets you to the home improvement store faster than seeing images of beautiful outdoor spaces on your Pinterest board. And for better or worse for you, I’m about to bombard your eyes with beautiful backyard landscaping ideas that will soon put a shovel in your (or your humble partner’s) hands.

Starting from scratch, designing a backyard is a big deal mentally, physically, and financially. Recalling Camille’s backyard plans, she said: “Usually we work on his one big project a year, but here he’s been living for 12 years, and our house is pretty close to the final vision. That said, We’ll never really finish.”

New video! Tour Camille’s backyard below.

But no matter what type of space you’re working with, there are steps you can take now (maybe this weekend!) to design your dream backyard. This leads to the obvious step 1. First, you have to answer the question “What do you do?” teeth my dream backyard? ”

How to Decide on Your Dream Backyard: The Formula

Here’s how: First, list your top three needs. How should your backyard serve you? for example:

  • Need a space ready to host?
  • Would you like to grow your own flowers or build a vegetable garden?
  • Need a big green lawn for your kids and pets to play on?
  • Do you have a patio that needs maintenance?
  • Want to grill or cook outside?

Next, list your top three desires.

  • How would you like your backyard to feel? Relaxation, inspiration, motivation, peace and more.
  • Is there a design style you’d like to refer to? Selected, wild, mediterranean, desert and more.

After some mind searching, you might come up with something like this: “By providing a safe and cozy place for children to play safely, an inspiring area to relax and enjoy a meal, and a cozy seating area to sip their morning coffee outside, families can You need a useful backyard, and you want your backyard to feel more like a European feel with native plants and vintage (but durable) items so that when you’re outside, it feels like an outdoor oasis.”

Once you’ve decided on your dream space, it’s time to start. Here are 15 backyard landscaping ideas to help you do just that. Filter each by parameter and get your shovel ready. I am full of inspiration.

1. Terraced land utilizing slopes

If your site has a slope, build your backyard on different levels and lean on the slope. There isn’t much you can do without building a terraced wall on a hillside and bringing in tons of dirt to fill it. This is a lot of work, but consider it the foundation for your dream backyard to grow.

2. Create a master plan

When dealing with large outdoor spaces, it is important to start by creating a master plan that defines the purpose and use of each different area. You might want to carve out a space for eating, an area for the kids to play sports. Or maybe you want to leave room for an additional pool someday. You can then work through each area step by step with a vision of where you want to be. I finally headed there.

see more Jessie De Rowe’s Santa Barbara Backyard.

3. Assemble the space (or “room”)

If your garden has many different areas (patios, decks, pools, gardens, private spaces), it’s best to imagine them as separate rooms. Then place different materials such as stones and shrubs to mark each area of ​​the space. From there, we will place plants and furniture. This will probably continue over time.

see more Grit and Polish family backyard.

4. Create an outdoor living room

When it comes to space and room, your outdoor living room is probably where your guests will most likely be relaxing. So think of it that way! Choose from comfortable furniture and a range of stools that double as tables for drinks and snacks. Store essentials all year round, from cozy throws to insect repellent, in outdoor storage bins.

5. Consider gravel over grass

If mowing is an annoyance in your life, consider adding gravel (or lawn if you still need green space). Depending on your style and needs, hard scaping gravel roads may be the key to your dream design.

see more Alison Carroll’s desert backyard.

6. Create a route

When thinking about the “rooms” in your backyard, consider how the space works in terms of connectivity. Build sidewalks using gravel, large pavers, or both. The pathway prevents that feeling of disjointness and truly integrates the design.

7. Install a fire pit

One of our favorite design ideas, the outdoor fireplace cannot be ignored. When it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, you need focus. It may be a water fixture or a fountain, but we are more interested in fire pits. From wood-fired pizza in the spring to s’mores in the fall, the atmosphere is hard to beat.

Image left: Camila Marcus’ California Backyard. Image right: Laurel Galusi’s Los Angeles backyard.

8. Reserve space for lounges and meals

If the outdoor living area doesn’t support it, a cozy place to hang out is a must. Keep in mind that it can (and probably should) be used as an outdoor dining area as well. Here you can leisurely enjoy everything from coffee and books to barbecue and cocktails. Incorporate romantic cafe chairs or long benches to suit the mood.

9. Make privacy beautiful and a priority

No wonder most people want privacy in their backyard. Privacy strategies can also support your garden’s overall design, including fences, vines, tall hedges, and a variety of shrubs.

10. Manipulating shaded areas

If you don’t have a topiary of trees in your garden (and maybe even if you do), shade is important for maximum enjoyment. Consider installing a pergola or porch in areas where you want to avoid the sun. But make sure you also have a sunny spot, especially if you’re considering a garden.

11. Put the planter in the container and decorate it

If you don’t want to hire a landscape designer, potted plants are an easy place to start. Potted plants such as succulents, greenery, and perennials add life to your garden. And—and for good measure! — that’s actually what you do can Do it only on weekends.

12. Use as many native plants as possible

First, find out what zone you are in and plant accordingly. Sure, you might want to plant all the Mediterranean plants like olives, lemons, and bougainvillea, but making those investments can be risky. Try buying smaller versions of these plants so you can cover them in case they freeze. Just be aware that some plants may be lost in winter.

13. Plant a garden in your backyard

If you dream of architecture To make a DIY raised garden bed, first choose a sunny spot in your garden. Most vegetables and herbs are very happy because they thrive in as much sun as possible. Then consider installing drip irrigation. Drip sprinklers are pipes that run right under the top of the soil and are more environmentally friendly as they deeply moisturize the roots without evaporating too much water into the air. You can also set a timer to water your garden at regular and optimal times.

14. Hang string lights

If you’re looking for a smaller, more affordable project, lighting is the answer. String lights are great value for instant ambiance and minimal effort. Even a small backyard can be transformed in minutes with simple lighting.

Image left: Game night in Camille’s backyard.Image right: Heather Taylor’s European backyard.

15. Create space for play

“Backyard” and “play” are synonyms to you, but if you’re trying to get over there Good news from a sun-baked garden full of forgotten toys. All you really need to have fun in your backyard is space and a few balls to kick around. Pull out the cornhole when you’re competitive, set up a cute hammock, or hang a rope swing. I’m sure you will love it as much as the kids.

To see these ideas in action, take a tour of her own space where Camille shares her favorite backyard landscaping ideas.

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