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15 Vegetarian Spring Recipes to Welcome Warm Weather

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It’s officially time to embrace warmer temperatures and the variety of fresh produce that takes center stage in the spring season. Luckily, for those who prefer to keep it plant-based, there are plenty of delicious seasonal ingredients that make for some of the best vegetarian springtime recipes.

PSA: Helps you meet your protein intake and make filling meals without meat, even without major protein sources like chicken or beef. Fill or brighten up your side salad with toppings like goat cheese or asparagus. In spring there is no shortage of produce to help you level up your cooking. From mains to sides, these vegetarian springtime recipes will keep your table fresh and festive throughout the season.

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15 Vibrant Vegetarian Spring Recipes

Sheetpan Spring Veggie Bowl with Yogurt and Herb Dressing

Why we love it: The sheet pan recipe is a super simple and hearty meal that will make your weekly menu interesting. These sheetpan veggies are a great addition to spring gatherings and Easter brunch with seasonal ingredients like roasted carrots and herbs.

Hero Ingredients: The yogurt and herb dressing in this recipe could become one of your go-to sauces.

green goddess pasta salad

Why we love it: Full of greenery! How do you combine spring ingredients like herbs, spinach, peas, and cucumbers to create the perfect pasta his salad?

Hero Ingredients: This tahini dressing is sure to please your party.

spring rice salad

Why we love it: Who said rice can’t be a staple food? A spring rice salad filled with ingredients that not only look beautiful but also give you a feeling of fullness and energy. A soft-boiled egg is a great way to increase your protein intake as a vegetarian (and a gorgeous addition).

Hero Ingredients: A squeeze of lemon juice goes a long way in this salad.

Onion and goat cheese quiche

Why we love it: Goat cheese is one of my favorite spring toppings, especially when paired with fresh vegetables and bright flavors.

Hero Ingredients: Trust this. Goat cheese appears in multiple spring recipes.

Sweet potato falafel veggie burger

Why we love it: Enjoying a burger without meat isn’t always easy. These sweet potato burgers are a fun twist on the typical veggie burger, packing nutrients in an easy and delicious way. Pick your dressing and add some red onion, crunchy lettuce, and crunchy cucumber. perfect.

Hero Ingredients: Chickpeas are every vegetarian’s secret to creating the most delicious plant-based dishes.

Strawberry and arugula salad Spring herbs and goat cheese

Why we love it: This salad is a party on the plate and in the mouth. Arugula and herbs round out the candied sweetness of strawberries and pecans. Honey-lemon dressing is something that could be incorporated into all salads throughout the season.

Hero Ingredients: Adding a little white wine vinegar makes all the difference to the dressing.

Summer Vegetable Pasta Salad with Feta Cheese and Lemon Tahini Dressing

Why we love it: Looking for a quick snack or a delicious side dish?The recipe may say summer, but these veggies are ready to enjoy nowWe love hearty dishes that make the most of big blocks of macaroni elbows and feta cheese, while also featuring rainbow-colored veggies. And with that creamy, citrus dressing? A refreshing dish perfect for spring.

Hero Ingredients: The fresh lemon juice dressing makes it one of our favorite toppings for salads, bowls, and more. The miso paste is a close second, and the umami hit is unmatched.

Creamy vegan pasta with tomatoes and basil

Why we love it: No matter the season, the best evening ritual is to unwind with a home-cooked meal. It’s a vegetarian-friendly creamy pasta made with fresh spring ingredients. When the wind blows and it gets a little chilly, try this dish.

Hero Ingredients: Lemon zest is a tangy topping that brightens up this pasta plate.

Power Green & Egg Bite

Why we love it: These egg muffins can be enjoyed all year round, but we love egg prep recipes that are perfect for the spring season. It can cover a full bite.

Hero Ingredients: Goat cheese keeps the flavor light while adding a creamy touch.

Quinoa cake with crushed avocado sauce

Why we love it: Quinoa is one of the foods that signal spring. It’s light and airy, but can be mixed with other ingredients to make a healthy salad, or these delicious crispy, creamy vegetarian patties. Each burger (patty or cake, whichever you prefer) is packed with protein and spinach. Nutritious and delicious. In other words, perfect.

Hero Ingredients: Avocado sauce is next level.you will want to do it all.

Love and Lemon Asparagus Risotto

Why we love it: Asparagus is a staple of spring, but it can be more difficult to make than a side dish. Once I found this recipe, I fully realized its potential. Risotto gives the perfect richness to complement the asparagus.

Hero Ingredients: A dry white wine is basically a requirement for curating the best risotto.

Shawarma Roasted Cabbage Wedges with Minimalist Baker’s Green Chutney

Why we love it: Those familiar with shawarma seasoning know that its unique flavor extends beyond chicken and beef. These cabbage wedges are a great vegetarian option that lets you enjoy bold, vibrant Middle Eastern flavors.

Hero Ingredients: This recipe includes a link to our must-have shawarma seasoning recipe. Use it freely and often.

Easy caramel zucchini with plenty of plants

Why we love it: Anything caramelized has my heart.The combination of sweet and savory flavor with a hint of bitterness makes it a perfect accompaniment to freshly cut zucchini. You can put it on top of rice in a bite size, or use it as a side dish or side dish.

Hero Ingredients: Ginger has a unique flavor that complements the caramelizing process.

The Modern Proper Gruyère and breadcrumbs asparagus gratin

Why we love it: A fan-favorite spring produce, baked asparagus is perfect for spring dinner parties and family dinners. The asparagus gratin has a slightly crunchy texture thanks to the bread crumbs and goes well with the creamy taste.

Hero Ingredients: Gruyère gives this asparagus dish a delicious richness and a slightly nutty texture.

Cup of Tiah Savory Rhubarb Dahl

Why we love it: Rhubarb is one of the ingredients that should be used in spring for the best flavor. Usually used in desserts, rhubarb is used here to create a savory flavor that pairs well with sweet spices like cinnamon.

Hero Ingredients: Get some rhubarb and hit the town between January and June.

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