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20 years later, Second Life is launching on mobile

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second life Mobile preview.

Remember second lifeThe virtual world launched on the desktop web in 2003, featuring 3D avatars and spaces for various social activities.? Believe it or not, it’s been running continuously for a long time, but now it’s mobile ready for the first time.

Actually this is my first time second life It extends beyond the PC (across Windows, macOS and Linux) in every way.

By posting to the virtual world community web forumcommunity manager of second life Shared by developer Linden Lab video He provided details on mobile development and announced that a beta version of the mobile app will be released later this year.

The video revealed that the app was built using Unity. This is also to create an easy path to release and maintain apps on multiple platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets. A few minutes of footage of is also included. second lifeAccompanied by detailed character models and environments, and commentary by developers at Linden Lab about bringing as much of the experience to mobile as possible.

Recent article Game developer’s announcement claims mobile launch could give it a second life second lifeHowever, I am skeptical that virtual worlds will expand their audience significantly. More recently, a much more modern take on the concept has come to be called the “metaverse.”But even those are struggling and it’s unclear what exactly second life— appearing to have a lot of technical debt, among other challenges — offers what new startups don’t.

Linden Lab was working on a successor to VR. second life, called Sansar, However, he eventually stopped working on the project and sold it. Sansar It has jumped over its owner several times, but its future remains uncertain.

The app will never change second lifein the market.

As I wrote several years ago, second life Still flashing on both users and profits. It’s ambitions have been scaled back and it no longer aims to be the ‘second internet’. The character of the community has changed quite a bit, but it’s not what a Ghost Town outsider would expect. But it’s a niche, and mobile apps may not be enough to change that.

Exhibition image Linden Lab

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