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21 Fun Psychedelic and Trippy Coloring Pages for Adults

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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important to take a break and relax when life gets busy. Have you ever tried coloring as a stress reliever?

Coloring is a therapeutic activity for relaxation and has been found to express our creativity.

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to enjoy this type of mindfulness practice, you’ve come to the right place.

Grab your favorite coloring tools and dive into the trippy world of adult coloring.

21 Psychedelic Coloring Book

1. alien coloring

This groovy alien makes you want to believe that friendly, peace-loving beings exist on other worlds.

2. discordian coloring book

Wow! Did someone draw this while enjoying mind-altering substances? It’s out of this world!

3. Magic Mushroom Printable Coloring Page

Remarkably, this coloring page may be more relaxing than you intended.

Four. witch potion

Once you’ve finished painting this favorite color, you’ll feel like someone has cast a spell on you.

Five. beauty of horror coloring book

This lovely little zombie girl wants lively colors.

6. frankenstein bunny

Franken Bun-Bun needs a little fix. Can you bring him back to health?

7. poison girl

Okay, you have more power when this creepy thing calls your name. But maybe it’s time for an appointment with a therapist.

8. plan goat

I don’t even know why she’s called the “plan goat”. To be fair to her, maybe she’s too stoned to know who she is.

9. Magic Mushroom Printable Coloring Page

These stunning mushrooms have an eye for color, so give them some!

Ten. Halloween | Cat Kingston Tattoo

We’ve looked into your mind and this is what we saw.

11. skull mushroom

X-rays came back and I knew exactly what was going on. Coloring is the only cure.

12. Seamless pattern beauty cosmetics

Okay, funky lady, you need to be stone-cold to master this cosmic cosmetic coloring page.

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13. poison

Don’t poison your mind with harmful hobbies when you can color this toxic tableau.

14. fun guys in the park

Nothing beats a smiling, happy shroom in the sunshine, except to make it colorful.

15. trippy stoner lip printable

Once you’ve finished coloring these stoner lips, you’re ready for a trip to a magical place… maybe a magical mystery tour!

16. Muppets World of Friendship

Cruise down Sesame Street and meet your favorite furry childhood friend.

17. Somer

Zomer Simpson wants to make a comeback with cool chromaticity.

18. dragon and crystal

Make this dandy dragon a “game of stoning” with a splash of crystal blue persuasiveness.

19. psychedelic dot forest

We’ve seen the future and it looks like this. You are destined to make it brighter!

20. Slow Horror

Your recent nightmare has magically reprinted on this page. Can you turn it into a good dream?

twenty one. cat psychedelic sphinx

This sphinxy cool cat’s third eye sees that only you can color him creatively.


Embrace your inner artist, enjoy the therapeutic benefits and let your imagination run free in a world of vibrant colors and mesmerizing patterns. Happy coloring!

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