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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood Right Now

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3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mood Right Now

I sometimes write about how a good start to the day can lead to a better day overall.

A sociable, energetic, or productive start sets the context for your day.

But some days just don’t get off to a good start for whatever reason.

Maybe you slept badly. Or maybe the gray skies and cold autumn rains are dragging your energy.

Or you might lose your positive momentum in the first hard part of your day, feeling tired or depressed after lunch, or indulging in some slightly sad or uninspiring funk.

Then what do you do? Should the day be lost and hope for a better day tomorrow?

Well, the day isn’t over yet…

You can still make good things.

Here’s how to break out of negative moods and give yourself a fresh start.

1. Be grateful for what you have.

The simplest of my most commonly used pickups.

I sit in silence for about two minutes.

I say to myself: OK, I may not feel great right now, but what in life can I appreciate and appreciate?

I usually come up with something simple like:

  • my delicious food
  • my health.
  • having a roof over your head.

That one thing opens my mind. It redirects my thoughts from the negative.

Then I build on that one thing.

From the roof to the warmth of the house, the clean water in the glass next to the computer, and the rain pouring outside, it takes a mental jump to being able to work from home.

I take small mental leaps just by paying attention in the room I am in.

And I take my time to slowly thank them all.

This makes me feel happier, warmer and more open.

2. Do what you want to feel.

Emotions work in reverse.

So if you want to be more aggressive or enthusiastic, act like an aggressive or enthusiastic person.

You may not realize it. But I will do what I can anyway. For example:

  • Think of the task at hand as something exciting and fun.
  • Respond to emails or speak to someone proactively and enthusiastically.
  • If you’re feeling unmotivated, negative, or nervous before a meeting of some sort, assume a rapport (a rapport is meeting one of your best friends just before the meeting to find the right mood and headspace). (assuming that putting it in is thinking to yourself).

3. Think about it and give someone a heartfelt compliment.

This is a fun one that I use a lot and it does more than just lift my mood.

Spend a minute thinking about someone in your life who is in the same room as you at some point during the day and comes up with something you really and truly appreciate.

Then, give him or her a genuine compliment that comes to your mind.

she or he will be happy.

you will feel better about yourself And you can also get positive emotions from people who smile, are happy, and are complimented.

And both of you will change your mood for the better.

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