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Christine McVie on Her Friendship with Stevie Nicks – Rolling Stone

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when Stevie Nicks posed solo for the January 2015 cover of rolling stone,In the middle fleetwood mac Touring, it wasn’t a particularly popular move among her bandmates. Christine McvieJust returned to the band after many years of retirement. The full text of our December 2014 conversation is now available for the first time.

I just saw you two shows in a row and it’s great to see you back in the band.
Oh that’s the most amazing thing to me. Just great. It’s like being in another melodrama. It’s amazing. These people are across from me on stage and it’s as if they haven’t existed for years.

In some ways it feels like you never left.
Yeah, yeah, I mean, that’s what everyone says…so those years didn’t exist! For the past 15 years, I have lived in the countryside.

Well, frankly, that sounds good too.
It wasn’t bad.

There’s been this sort of sexist assumption for a long time that having two women on Fleetwood Mac could be a problem, but in reality the two always seem happy with each other. How did your relationship work?
The first time Mick heard buckingham knicks Whatever the name of the recording studio, he heard Lindsey’s guitar on that album and thought, “This guy is a bloody genius, I want him.” Then we pushed Lindsay and he said. So Mick came up to me and he said, She needs to meet her and see if she likes her. ” And I fell in love with him as soon as I met him. She and I are not competitive at all. We are completely different, but we completely sympathize with each other. We are dear, dear friends. No competition on stage. she is her I am me Easy, easy, easy.

what makes you so different?
I’m a tomboy and I hang out with everyone. I love men I love being with men. And Stevie is kind of a girly girl. She loves spending time with her girlfriend.she grew up with mick [Fleetwood] and John [McVie] In the years before Stevie and Lindsey, I developed a rather dark sense of humor. What’s in Mick’s territory as he walks around with a wooden ball on stage? It’s very comical to me. Stevie probably blushed a little at first. [original Fleetwood Mac member] Jeremy Spencer using a dildo on stage. I grew up with it all.

What was it like to witness something like an endless soap opera between Stevie and Lindsey?
Well, obviously I haven’t been there in like 15 years. So, let’s take a short break. But they coexisted, there was love between them, and there was also insecurity. Just trying to be a go-between. They love and hate each other at the same time. I don’t really know how to say it otherwise.

Has anything changed in the department since you left?
No, I don’t think anything has changed. They are these incredible individuals and they have this thing with each other and it will never change. They have chemistry, huge chemistry. For better or worse. It’s real. At that time, everything onstage was real, and offstage could be good or bad. And that is the truth. But it’s always interesting. they make fire that’s good

why the band survived Through all these endless changes?
I think it’s Mick. At the bottom of it all is Mick. he puts it all together. He’s Big Daddy, Big Cheese. He unites us and will never let this band die. Because we all believe in this band. Even after being away for so long, I still wanted to come back. And I said, “What if I come back?” They all desperately wanted me to come back. It’s really amazing.

You are clearly an accomplished keyboardist. Stevie, by her own admission, isn’t, but she’s a great songwriter. how do you think it works?
Personally, I think that being too technical can be destructive. So if you’ve taken piano lessons and understand all the harmonies and arpeggios and all that stuff, it can make you too dumb. I think I had the ability to just play chords. It would be Lindsey who would come in and translate her song into chords. Then he came to me and he and I worked together because he and I have a great musical connection. chemistry too. It’s a different kind of chemistry than Stevie and Lindsay. But she comes out with passion and melody and puts basic chords on it. Lindsay has an amazing understanding of what she means…and I don’t. Look? I have no idea. But Lindsay does.

For example, “dream” sounded like the simplest thing in the world.She played it to me when we were doing rumor I said to her, “This is boring, this is really boring.” And she said, ‘No, I only made three segments from two chords…’ and it was the only number one hit single we ever had! There are two chords ! I have one basic note in my left hand and her 3 chord changes in my right hand.

wonderful. How have two rehab experiences changed Stevie? How is she different now?
Bloodshed, it’s a hard one. So Stevie is straight as an arrow. She’s very outspoken, very honest, and in some ways very narcissistic. She doesn’t mean her in a bad way. She has a brand, right? she is an icon she is a genius She’s a lovely, kind, beautiful woman and I love her to death, she’s different from me, and I can’t help but love that woman. she’s just awesome. She is very generous in every department. she in every department.


Crowds of children enter her backstage area. There is so much love and warmth flowing through it..
she sings to me She sings to me on stage every night. She looks at me, sings “I still see your bright eyes” on “Gypsy” and looks straight at me. And I am happy to be with you again. it’s good. She’s happy I’m back on the road again. Another girl to date. So it’s all good.

How will the push-and-pull between her solo stardom and Fleetwood Mac play out? How are everyone in the band coping?
We have all tried it. Lindsay did, I did. That means everyone should have their own space and the freedom to create and do what they want. And I think it’s important that we all gave each other the freedom to do that. Others of us were not. Lindsey has had a great solo career. I want her to be on the record. I loved his solo work. We are all 5 and just doing our job. Somehow there is chemistry between us and we live and survive on it.

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