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31 High-Vibe and Energizing Things to Do in May

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May is one of our favorite months. And not just because it’s Camille’s birthday. There are many reasons to celebrate each day. We’re talking warm weather, gardening season, pool he parties, al fresco dining, and more.No matter where you are, May seems to be the month when things start getting really warm (and stop warm). Spring is in full swing and the promise of summer is on the horizon. I think this is going to be a good month, but if you’re looking for things to do in May, don’t worry.

You will find a lot of inspiration in the last month. Flowers bloom, the sun lasts longer, and the energy is positive and bright. Get in the good vibes and scroll down to discover 31 things to do in May (complete with margarita recipes).

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

Image by Michelle Nash

31 things to do in May to prepare for summer

1. Find the perfect gift for mom. Mother’s day is approaching. Brunch recipes are bookmarked, but finding the perfect present to share your love for can be a little more difficult. Luckily, we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts. The perfect gift for salad lovers We dive into the skin care products she uses over and over again.

2. Get into summer baking. Yes, that’s the thing! And if you want to turn the oven off, try these no-bake lemon treats and popsicles that you won’t believe are healthy.

3. Subscribe to new magazines. If you want to spend less time on social media, replace your habits with exciting ones. What’s more fun than having a cup of tea while flipping through your favorite design magazine? Absolutely not.

4. Immerse yourself in a good documentary. The cold season is the time to binge-watch all your favorite shows and movies, and make sure you have plenty of time to spend outdoors in the summer. But what if you’re here with us and have your guide to the inspiring must-see documentaries you must watch right at your fingertips? Here, we’ve rounded up the most thought-provoking and awe-inspiring movies you can stream right now.

5. Prioritize walking. Easy and accessible, just put on good sneakers and open the door. If you need persuasion mayo clinic We’ve shared a complete list of all the many ways walking supports your mental and physical health. (More energy and less stress? We’ll take it.)

image provider Sulti Abasti

6. Easily tweak and transform your routine. When I started thinking that all the time I spent scrolling on my phone was taking away from me, I dropped the habit on the spot. I want to infuse myself, learn and grow every step of the way. If something doesn’t support it, drop it. Reflect on your habits and think about what is taking that time out of your life.

7. Discover your new favorite summer drink. When the sun hits just right and the temperature hits 80 degrees, you’re sure to catch me on the patio with an Aperol spritz. It’s my drink of the season and very refreshing. Be open to changing things up and there’s no better way to welcome summer than with this recipe for Strawberry Rosé Sangria. just throw it away and replace it This non-alcoholic sparkling rosé A simple, zero-alcohol option. )

8. Read Emily Henry’s new book. happy place is officially released and I already have a copy. I think it’s her best, by the way. A true beach read to get you ready for the season.

Set out for an afternoon of walking and exploring in search of small vignettes of natural beauty in great composition.

9. Watch the Kentucky Derby. Can you make it to Churchill Downs on May 6th? Host your very own Derby party! Of course, pimento cheese, hot brown sandwiches, and Derby pie.Oh, and don’t forget the easiest mint he julep.

10. Make a perfect summer salad. Salad season is in full swing and we’re excited to introduce you to the best of summer ingredients. Keep it simple with this green salad, upgrade your fruit salad, or enjoy a savory twist on a classic pasta salad. Whatever you choose, prepare a bright and satisfying meal.

Image by Michelle Nash

10. Update your skincare routine for summer. While you may be accustomed to your 12-step skincare routine, the switch to a new season is the perfect time to swap out some of our proven products. It’s synonymous with the coveted, bronze-toned bright glow, but it still leaves skin blemishes.So whether you need to step up your exfoliating game, or Review our approach to retinol and check out our derma-approved summer skin care guide here.

11. Mix margaritas. Check out our roundup of the world’s best margarita recipes. you won’t be disappointed.

12. Get more sunlight in the morning. First, get your circadian rhythm in order and get your energy going. Try putting your phone away for 30 minutes after you wake up. This might be the perfect time to start your day and tackle…

13. Practice positive affirmations. These will change your life.

14. Learn how to make a cheese board. What could be more dramatic and festive than a cheese board full of fruits, nuts and veggies (with multiple cheeses, of course)? Cheese boards are the perfect centerpiece for spring gatherings and summer soirées. They’re traditionally reserved for appetizers, but there’s nothing stopping you from cramming a board full of satisfyingly delicious components. Would you like to add a cheese board to your menu for your next dinner party? Learn step-by-step secrets for creating budget-friendly masterpieces.

Image by Michelle Nash

Depending on the flowering period and season, there are plenty of opportunities to look for moments that inspire and awe you.

15. Create monthly playlists. Who doesn’t love a little background music to energize your daily routine? I love doing this exercise as a way to set goals for the month ahead. how do you want to feel what do you want to bring into your life? Let those visions of yourself guide your choices.

16. If you haven’t made your bed first, let’s get started. It’s the easiest way to get an instant sense of accomplishment. who doesn’t love it?

17. Consider your goals for 2023. How are you progressing toward the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Is there a way to change your routine to make it more in line with your intentions? Are there goals that no longer resonate with you? set aside time for

18. Look for moments of unexpected beauty. This is more of an intention than a do, but we highly recommend it nonetheless. Depending on the blooming season and the season, there are plenty of opportunities to seek out moments that inspire and awe you. . Three such perfectly placed trees, or a group of gardenias fresh, abundant and full. Whatever you find, whatever you seek, spend some time exploring the natural wonders out there.

19. Plan a picnic. There’s no better time to plan a picnic than early summer. Gather guests, choose a venue (parks are my favourite), make a menu. The great thing about picnics is that everyone can easily participate. Assign a course or dish to each guest and enjoy this easy and elegant entertainment solution.

20. Keep a time journal. I often say that I am too busy to do what I really want to do with my life. But have you ever logged the time you spent zoning her out in front of Netflix or scrolling through your social feeds hate her? Take a few days and use pen and paper to think about where your minutes and hours are going. Trust me, the experience is eye-opening.

21. The perfect weekday lunch outdoors. our lemon White kidney bean feta cheese salad that’s right What you want to munch on between noon and 2pm Hearty, creamy, and salty enough thanks to blocks of feta cheese sprinkled throughout. Everything comes together in minutes and is consumed even faster. (Hmm… if the classic lunchtime sammy is faster than your speed, New York Times Cooking you Exquisite tuna sandwich— with a crunchy twist. )

22. Take classes. Muscle training class, sewing class, programming class, anything! Now is the time to learn the skills you’ve always wanted to learn.Sign up online through programs like skill share, research your local gym options or see what’s available at your local community college. The options are truly endless.

23. Get into the habit of buying your own flowers. Every week, I buy myself a bouquet of seasonal flowers and put them in a jug in the bathroom. They bring me endless joy throughout the week and are a small way to show a little love for yourself. please.

24. Buy sustainable swimwear. Are you ready for summer swimming? same. The good news is that there are many brands designing and developing eco-friendly suits that are ideal for any adventure. Gigi C We propose luxury and sporty swimwear. Somersault Known for creating the perfect swimsuit.oh don’t forget Everlane—Their work may be minimalist, but it packs a lot of style into it.

Whatever you find, whatever you seek, spend some time exploring the natural wonders out there.

25. Eat well once a week. at leastWhen I lived in Paris, I loved Sunday lunches and would eat with my whole host family at noon. It was a complete meal with a superb main course, salad, cheese and wine. Pay attention to your free time during the week. As a family, when does it make sense to spend time in the kitchen getting ready, sitting down with your partner or roommates? fun Is that Sunstress?

26. Skip the blow dryer. Summer is the season when hairstyles are air-dried. Give your hair a break and enjoy a healthy shine.

27. Be inspired. Hiking in winter is really fun. There’s nothing better than finding yourself among the fall foliage. But when the temperatures finally allow it, there’s something about getting outside and soaking up all the amazing scenery that spring and summer have to offer. , have a date for the weekend or a walk after work.

28. Make every moment of your life romantic. There are countless ways to find and create beauty every day.

29. Go out for ice cream. Honestly, I always have an ice cream date at happy hour. Go with a girlfriend or date a kid. It’s the little things.

30. Schedule a stand-and-drink date. My neighbor and I recently started a weekly coffee run/walk every Sunday morning. If there are people nearby that you would like to see more of, text them and do it like every week.

31. Remember: Happiness is a skill. Please practice. Joy doesn’t just happen to you. We need to look for moments that fill us and remind us of the magic of the world.

This post was originally published on May 2nd, 2019 and has since been updated.

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