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4 New York City Hall Weddings

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Julia Bainbridge and Alan Delgado wedding

Julia Bainbridge and Alan Delgado wedding

when the author Julia Bainbridge and chef Alan Delgado The two, who are famous for their double proposals, got engaged and decided to get married at the city hall. “It’s very classic New York,” Julia told us. “It felt good to be in a room with such a diverse group of people for the same reason. Some wore blue jeans, some wore big gowns.” and Alan, and three more couples share their wedding photos…

Julia Bainbridge marries Alan Delgado

Julia Bainbridge marries Alan Delgado

Julia and Alan
(Photo courtesy: Liz Devine)

Please tell us about that day.
Julia: I just graduated from graduate school in psychotherapy, and the funny thing is, I got married on the last day of class. So I had to go to Harlem for my final presentation at 9am. Then I came back and got ready in my apartment in Brooklyn.we met a photographer Liz And our friend Patrick, who was also a witness, was present at the ceremony. After that we went to Marlton Hotelwhere we were staying that night, went for a drink before celebrating with a wonderful meal. Oijimi.

How did you decide on your look?
Julia: I love collared shirts. This la pointe set It felt just like me, but it’s fitting for a wedding.

where did your bouquet come from?
Julia: We went to a little place called stem, near our apartment. It was Alan’s lovely suggestion. It was a place where we would give each other flowers when we were courting each other.

Do you have a favorite photo?
Julia: I love how we sit on the green couch in the marriage bureau and just look at each other. I think it was a natural moment and a good reflection of how we were feeling that day. I was calm, confident in this choice and looking forward to the next phase of our relationship. I also love the picture of Alan smiling. Because he has the best laugh. You can see his head dropped back and his mouth wide open. It is laughing all over.

new york city hall wedding

new york city hall wedding

new york city hall wedding

Christine (pink dress) and Twiggy
(Photo courtesy: Sylvie Rosokoff)

After Twiggy and Christine’s wedding at City Hall, they wanted to treat Christine’s parents to dinner. “We were indulging in New York style and eating at food trucks,” says Twiggy.

how did you meet
Twiggy: In college. We were 18, bright-eyed, ready to take on the world, but we had no intention of being in a relationship at all.
Christine: That’s right. But it connected instantly and we have been inseparable ever since.

when did you get engaged?
Twiggy: We were upstate with family. We went outside and asked my aunt to take pictures in front of the mountain.
Christine: Twiggy loves taking pictures, so I had no idea.
Twiggy: But my aunt knew what I was planning and made eye contact and got the camera ready. Then I suggested.
Christine: I turned my head for a moment and she was on one knee!

Christine, how did you find the dress?
Christine: I scrolled through Pinterest and found this dress and thought, “Wow! This is really great. I hope it looks like that to me too. And it was perfect.

What do you remember about your wedding day?
Christine: As we walked, people would open their windows and say congratulations, or stop and say how beautiful we were. Men and women, young and old, people of all races were all very supportive. Think of all the love we felt, even from complete strangers. That’s a big reason why I love this city.

city ​​hall wedding new york

city ​​hall wedding new york

new york city hall wedding

Liz and Dax
(Photo courtesy: Sylvie Rosokoff)

Liz and Dax got married at City Hall on their first anniversary. Dax proposed while eating ice cream in the park. “I remember thinking this park would last a long time,” he says. “It’s a place we can go home to.”

What was important to you when planning your wedding?
Liz: We wanted to have some private time. So we sat on a bench and read the vows together before heading to City Hall. I knew people were going to be self-conscious when they saw it.
Dax: We read quietly, but very focused and emotional.

how did you find the dress?
Liz: My sister and I have made appointments at some boutiques. This was the third dress I tried on. I liked it so much I canceled the rest of my appointment and my sister and I just spent the day together.

And what about earrings?
Liz: The lady who altered my dress took some leftover flowers and I made them into earrings. It was a perfect finish.

What do you look back on the most?
Liz: After the ceremony, when I opened the door, my family was waiting outside and throwing confetti. It was a lot of fun. And I was amazed at how intense it felt. Originally, we planned to have our wedding at City Hall, followed by an even bigger wedding reception. But we experienced all sorts of emotions that day, so now the idea of ​​having any other kind of celebration feels strange.

Gabriella and Rafael
(Photo courtesy: Sylvie Rosokoff)

Gabriella and Raphael wanted a sweet and simple wedding. “We were just the two of us and wanted to have our own little one,” says Gabriela. So the couple ate pizza and drank champagne while preparing at home. After the ceremony at City Hall, they celebrated with donuts.

Could you tell me about your dress?
Gabriella: Found my dress for $10 at a thrift store in New Jersey. The dressing room was closed due to the new coronavirus, and the dress was too big. But I thought, with $10, what’s the worst that could happen?

When did you want to get married?
Rafael: I was just kind of like. Gabu is amazing, the nicest person I have ever met and I can’t lose her. So I planned a trip to visit my hometown in California. We spent the day in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta where thousands of Canadian Hill Cranes were migrating. They fly every night and cover the sky.
Gabriella: It was very casual and nice. He was literally like, “I have a question for you.” There was also a couple who got engaged right next door to us. They enjoyed this elaborate picnic.
Rafael: Oh my God, there was champagne. And I was on the roadside. I liked i am stunted!
Gabriella: But it was really great. I had never seen a crane before. They are weird dino birds and they sound so weird.

What do you like about each other?
Gabriella: Raf is the kindest person I’ve ever met. I can’t believe I found him on Tinder. I was on Tinder for 6 years going through all this shit, and then I was kind of his second Tinder date. He didn’t have to go through anything like that.
Raphael: When I’m with her, I do things I wouldn’t normally do. She took me around the world.
Gabriella: We’ve only been to Scotland.
Rafael: Around there! [laughter] Being with her makes me a better person and allows me to see more of the beautiful world around me.
Gabriella: Thank you Raf, that’s great.
Rafael: She’s the key that opens the door.
Gabriella: Oh my god. I wish I could meet his dad because this is where he creates all the nasty stuff. He is very energetic, but he is very kind.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Will you have your wedding at City Hall?

Postscript: 7 more city hall weddings and a hunchback wedding in Brooklyn.

(Photos of Julia and Alan: Liz Devine. All other photos are Sylvie Rosokoff. )

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