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4 Reasons Why We Have a Hard Time Talking about Loneliness

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In society, we are under attack not only by social media, but also by media. We live in a more connected world than ever before. But more people than ever are feeling lonely. This is especially true for those within the church.

We may feel really connected, but the reality is that there are people in our lives who know us the least. , drink coffee, worship the Lord, and leave without saying hello or wanting to know more about us.

This contributes to a superficial level of communication that we think solves the problem of loneliness. Because I feel that I will be judged for my form.

We all experience loneliness from time to time. Jesus himself went to a secluded place to pray. Loneliness can be good if you take some time alone to examine your thoughts and analyze your behavior.

But people often have a smirk in church or at work. It’s hard to tell people that we’re lonely.

1. we believe something is wrong

As a pastor’s wife, I am often cast out at my local church. Getting close to people in the congregation is difficult.

It only adds to the amount of loneliness and desperate need for affection in the community because people think they can’t be real in my presence because I might tell my husband what we’re talking about.

Because you don’t have friends or don’t have many connections with people, people may think and believe that something is wrong with you.

Communities give us fellowship with each other. You cannot have community without isolation. Yet it is important that we be alone as God speaks to us.

2. I don’t want pity

When we start telling others how lonely we are, people feel obliged to see us out of guilt.

People don’t want to feel alone, feeling punished or having difficulty coping with their personality. But God created us individually with a purpose and plan.

God speaks to us through prophetic visions and dreams, but a deeper intimacy with God cannot be achieved if we are alone only long enough to hear from Him.

People often want to avoid loneliness by turning on the TV or music, just to distract themselves from the fact that no one is around.

Loneliness comes in several forms. You feel lonely because no one knows you, or you feel lonely even though there are a lot of people around you. Either way, you can use that loneliness to make time to be with God.

3. I don’t want to be vulnerable

People don’t like to talk about loneliness because they have to deal with problems buried deep in their souls. People don’t like to talk about loneliness because it seems like a bad thing. Here are some ways loneliness is a good thing.

First, it deepens your relationship with your Savior. God can speak whatever ability He desires, but it is more difficult when we are surrounded by other technologies that the Lord does not allow us to speak.

By being alone, we can read more deeply into the Word and ask God to share our deepest thoughts with us. But I can’t do that when I’m always with people.

Second, it allows me to pray. The Bible says that we should “pray without ceasing.” This means praying unceasingly throughout the day. However, this is difficult to achieve at work or at home with family.

If Jesus thought it appropriate to get up early and go to a secluded place to pray, so should we. We should start each day with this time of silence and solitude, ready to hear God’s voice, surrendering to Him all our needs and desires and praying.

Third, when we are alone, it gives us the opportunity to commune with God through His Word. When you are lonely, the first thing you should pick up is the Bible. If you grab other things, such as music, TV, or food and drink, you need to analyze why you’re doing it.

There is a reason for loneliness. We need to make new friends and interact with people we trust. The more lonely we are, the less trustworthy we become. We become unreliable individuals when we are alone for long periods of time.

As we go about our day, we tend to think we don’t need anyone. This creates independence when we should be in community. Analyze your church and see if there are people in a similar situation, background, or age as you.

Try to increase your fellowship by attending events this year, or show your gift of hospitality by inviting people into your home. Some of my greatest moments of fellowship with God were not at church services on Sundays, but when I welcomed people into my home.

The ability to be vulnerable eradicates superficiality when we are at home. Instead of feeling lonely, you’ll find that people accept you for who you are.

4. Fear of rejection

Loneliness makes us feel rejected and unacceptable. Some have the deepest need for acceptance and approval from others. We must rush to God with our needs, but there is a place for fellowship.

When we are encouraged by our brothers and sisters in our local church, we remove loneliness and embrace community. If you meet people regularly, you will find a critical spirit that you may have mostly dissipated.

Loneliness is hard sometimes. But there is hope. By sharing fellowship with others and participating in true fellowship, you experience acceptance and recognition like never before. We all need someone to raise their hand when we are having a hard time.

It’s part of the whole community in your life. When we are away from that community, we experience loneliness. Sanctity is also a temptation for the enemy to lie to us in our lives. If these lies go unchecked, they can become what we believe.

When we trade the word of God for lies, we do not experience a life of interdependence in Christ. If we can learn to have fellowship and accept people for who they are, we can speak to their lives when they are suffering.

We weren’t meant to go through life on our own. Throughout the Bible we see the disciples going out two by two. Adam had Eve, and there are many other examples of people who were never alone on their journey. Best of all, you know God hasn’t abandoned you. He’s out there more than you think.

Loneliness can be a catalyst for experiencing true community because it makes us more vulnerable and allows others to accept us for who we are. Experience an intimate relationship with God like never before.

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