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4 Ways Pornography Damages a Marriage

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Marriage is a sacred contract established by God. God created a man and a woman to remain married until death do them part. This is nothing to take lightly. We must be conscious every day to build a thriving marriage that glorifies God.

Being a devoted spouse means not venturing our hearts, minds and bodies outside of the contracts we have made.

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:4 that marriage should be honored by all and that the marriage bed should be kept clean, for God will judge adulterers and all sexually immoral people. says there is.

Unfortunately, these laws are everywhere ignored in our current culture. The world wants us to believe we can create the truth about marriage. But God made marriage laws to protect us. God wants us to have a thriving, committed marriage that reflects Him. It means loyalty and unwavering devotion to each other.

Having a committed marriage is becoming more and more difficult due to the large amount of exposed porn on various sides. Billboards, movies, TV shows, magazines, and of course the Internet. The enemy has a hard time permeating our minds with a multitude of inappropriate images.

Because of this, avoiding the temptation of porn addiction can be particularly difficult. It appears normal and innocent, but in reality it is destroying lives and destroying families.

Porn addiction is rampant in our country. The negative effects on a marriage are devastating and harmful.

Here are four factors that make porn bad for your marriage.

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