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5 Best Linux Distro Releases of 2022 (imo, ofc)

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In this post, we look back at the best Linux distributions of 2022 — and spoiler: they’re not all Ubuntu-based!

I know: I tell the same joke every year. But hey: I’m writing about Ubuntu. I am using Ubuntu.you May Expect to keep everything about Ubuntu. But what about the Linux ecosystem?that’s all just Ubuntu. There are many top-notch Linux distributions that deserve praise, celebration, and recognition. This list is my humble method.

That said, the following is neither a claim of superiority nor a ranking of importance.It’s just a shout out to me, man Several Best Linux Release of the Year. Comprehensive? No. This is not a criticism either. is not I think the following feature is terrible, so it’s not an omission!

The SEO gods have (hopefully) grown tired of the long introduction, so let’s take a look at the top 5 Linux distributions of 2022.

1. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

What’s new for 22.04

definitely of Best Linux distro release of the year for me Ubuntu 22.04 LTSreturned in April.

With tens of millions of people using it, Long Term Support releases are always important. Thankfully, Ubuntu’s dedicated developers have delivered a noteworthy release.

No worries (see video) jammy jellyfish I bought GNOME Shell 42, configurable accent colors, Wayland by default, new multitasking options, new dock options, better desktop icon extensions, Linux kernel 5.15, Raspberry Pi 4 support. In addition, updated apps, tools, and package sequences (such as sequences).

I’m an interim release rider (was and probably will be), but most people stick with the LTS releases. And with Ubuntu 22.04 you get a really good release, good enough to use during the support period. FOMO.

2. Fedora Workstation 37

Desktop screenshot of Fedora 37 Workstation with Settings app and Nautilus file manager open
Perfected: Fedora 37

Fedora Workstation is the flagship desktop Linux distribution for good reason. Robust, reliable and perfectly made. It distills what many people want most: a “pure” GNOME experience delivered exactly as the developers intended on top of a strong and stable base.

Autumn offering Fedora 37 workstation Features Gnome 43 – An update that greatly improves the user experience of GNOME Shell quick settings. Some are more functional File Rebuilt with GTK4/libadwaita.Improved calendar app;a Device security panel; Raspberry Pi 4 support; GRUB instead of syslinux in BIOS. more.

Like any Linux distribution, Fedora Workstation is so understated, understated, and drama-free that people tend to overlook it. Still, it’s a sleek and functional distro that refrains from flashy ornamentation to focus entirely on its performance, integration, and cohesion.

If you haven’t tried Fedora, you’ve missed it, so sort it out.

3. Manjaro 22.0 ‘Sikaris’

Screenshot of Manjaro Linux distribution with terminal and web browser open
Manjaro 22.0 ‘Sikaris’ scene

or a version of Manjaro It was clear that it should be on this list. As an Arch-based Linux distribution, Manjaro is his one of the best distributions. Oh, I know: there’s some chatter around Manjaro within the wider Linux community, but for me, these teacup storms never affect the quality of the distro itself.

Manjaro 22.0 ‘Sikaris’ is more than just a distribution: it’s an experience

For example, Manjaro 22.0 release Out in December. The “main” advantage of KDE Plasma is to provide a flawless experience. From shells to package managers to bespoke touches and apps, everything is cohesive, considered and choreographed.

Manjaro 22.0 is not just a distribution, it’s an experience.

Manjaro’s desktop-specific “editions” are also nicely compiled.They don’t feel like Manjaro plus Xfce, plus such as GNOME. Each is a carefully curated showcase that beautifully integrates the strengths of each desktop. major one.

Additionally, the Manjaro community is large and active. For any issues you run into, you can find his Manjaro forum post about it (or someone who can point you in the direction of a solution).community teeth An important aspect of distribution. The Linux kernel is the heart of most distributions, but its community is its lifeblood.

Manjaro is a complete package and definitely the distro of the year.

4. Linux Mint 21

Linux Mint 21.1 desktop screenshot showing new folder icons in Nemo file manager.
New Windows-y icon added to Mint

Linux Mint 21.1 is a newer and more visually interesting (see new applet and updated artwork) update, and the original Linux Mint 21 release had the biggest impact of the two this year.

An oft-touted “beginner’s” distro, Linux Mint’s main purpose is to provide a light, familiar computing experience that is unobtrusive and resonates with users who like the Windows way of working. I’m in.

Linux Mint 21 “Cinnamon” is lightweight and efficient, making it suitable for use on low-end hardware and older machines. Besides being easy to use, Linux Mint comes with an interesting selection of pre-installed he software that aims to cover the needs of most users. home made app It’s pretty special.

Overall, Linux Mint 21 is perfect for users looking for a reliable and easy-to-use operating system.

5.Ubuntu 22.10

What’s new for 22.10

Ubuntu twice in one list?! It’s a little over the top, but including PipeWire means we’re obligated to include 22.10. Honestly, it’s in my contract as editor of this site —what? Yes, I wrote the contract myself…why did you ask?

But seriously, Ubuntu 22.10’s aforementioned addition pipe wire It means (although the deadline has passed) that most Bluetooth audio devices now “just work” with Ubuntu. Combined with GNOME’s audio device switcher quick settings This means that Ubuntu 22.10 will sound correct with modern audio equipment.

Second, thanks to the increased shipment of GNOME 43 and the large number of libadwaita ports, Kinetic Kudu Arrive at the scene with the real thing dynamism — this was one of the earliest ways to try out GNOME 43 for context — something that’s been missing since the early days of Unity.

Finally, arguably the most important, important, and distribution-defining factor is Kinetic Kudu Mascot Wallpaper – of Best default Ubuntu wallpaper since hardy heronpotatoes.

honorable mention

Zorin OS 16.2 deserves praise

I had to limit the selection to 5. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a very long list of all Linux distributions that have published updates in the last 12 months.

Some additional shout outs: Recent Endeavor OS The “Cassini” release is the ideal hop-on point for those who want to get on board with a reliable rolling release distribution.latest Zorin OS Although based on the old Ubuntu base, the out-of-the-box wow-factor continues to inspire those new to Linux.

Loved by Gamers, Programmers and Creators Pop!_OS 22.04This is the final version of the distribution for System76 that ships with GNOME Shell by default.A lot of love for lightweight Linux distros MX Linux Breathe new life into old hardware.

And the shout must go to Steam OSan Arch-based distro Valve preloaded for Steamdeck consoles.

over to you

That’s why my Here is our list of the best desktop Linux releases of 2022. In choosing them, we weighed different feature sets, changes, and key technologies, keeping in mind their appeal and popularity. Phew, MX Linux Pretty close — expect to hear more about it and other distros on our sister site Oh, God! Linux.

Who cares what Fudge thinks of me anyway?!

I want to hear your Distribution releases are selected from the last 12 months. Dig into the comments (hint: you can now select the ‘old’ Disqus theme from the options). Try to stay as positive as possible by focusing on the distros and developments you like rather than the distros and developments you don’t like.

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