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6 Fun Itineraries for Kids in NYC

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Anton Coney Island

One of the most frequently asked questions from our readers is: what should we do “My boys have lived in New York their entire lives. Here are six itineraries I love doing with my little guy…

natural history museum

Whale Natural History Museum

Itinerary #1: See Giant Whales (Upper West Side)
American Museum of Natural History Be magical with Tyrannosaurus Rex, animal dioramas, and a giant blue whale model suspended from the ceiling. The whale room also has a glass elevator that kids love to get in and out of on their own. Sprinklers on the roof in the summer!
Nearby: Burgers and French fries nearby for lunch shake shack Or try the legendary chocolate chip cookie Levain BakeryIf your child still has energy to burn, great wooden playground Right across the street. Or you can stroll the Upper West Side, which looks like old New York from the movies. A large apartment with a uniformed doorman. Bookstores, bagel shops, and the iconic Jewish grocery store Zabars. And, of course, the sprawling Central Park.

met the children

met the children

Itinerary #2: Count Ass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Upper East Side)
great things about Metropolitan Museum of Art Children under 12 are free, so there’s no pressure to stay for hours. My kids think it’s funny to “count your butts” in nude pictures. Temple of Dendur (like When Harry met Sally!).
Nearby: When you get hungry, grab a hot dog or pretzel from the food truck out front.or walk a few blocks north cafe subski For elegant Viennese cakes and sandwiches. The Upper East Side has a very trendy vibe. Senior couple in nice coats And lots of small dogs.

central park

Itinerary #3: Stroll through Central Park for a magical experience
No planning is needed as this huge (843 acres!) park is full of surprises and delights. Just walk around and you’ll come across street musicians, whisks, carousels, lawns and ice cream stands. If you’re in the mood for a playground, check out Pyramids and Bridges. Heckscher Playgroundin the summer it becomes a spectacular water park with cool jets in every direction, even in the tunnels. And if your child, like Anton, secretly believes himself to be a knight, Belvedere Castle. (Very castle-like)
Nearby: Have a picnic and enjoy great loanIf you want to eat cheese, bread, and side dishes, please drop by. Butterfield Market 85th and Madison.

west village

Washington Square Park Fountain

Itinerary #4: Explore the West Village
When I first came to the district in 2002, it was incredibly charming. Think: gorgeous brownstones, magnolia trees, cafes on every corner. Our family has had many lovely days since then just soaking everything up. Bleecker Playground There are swings, slides, and a large sandbox, making it a paradise for young children.When you get hungry, enjoy cupcakes at a famous restaurant magnolia bakery (right next to the park) or stop by malay cheese because of the stench. three lives A charming bookstore.You can walk on hot days Washington Square Park Dip your toes in sparkling clean fountains.
Nearby: For lunch, bleaker street pizza again Jawsor sit down and enjoy lunch at Cafe Clunya beautiful spot with sandwiches and credible celebrity sightings.

Danbo Coursel

Dumbo's Jane's Carousel

Itinerary #5: Ride a Horse (Dumbo)
If you want to get excited, go here Jane’s carousel Golden hour in the evening, or practically any time. For $2 you can ride a horse (my boy recommends the “up and down”) which is located exactly halfway between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. There is also an adjoining meadow for running around and people watching later.
Nearby: Luke’s Lobster Shack Just a few blocks away.or you can hit oddfellows For creative ice cream flavors like malted banana and kitchen sink.

Coney Island Rides

Coney Island

Itinerary #6: Take a ride on Coney Island
For years our boys absolutely ate bananas for the rides Deno’s Wonder Wheel — A car in a circle, a boat in a circle, an airplane in a circle, a fire truck in a circle… you get the point. Around the age of 9, they leveled up to bigger vehicles. Luna ParkIncluding the famous wooden roller coaster, Cycloneis an official landmark of New York City.
Nearby: The food at amusement parks is expensive and not very tasty, so I usually bring a packed lunch. get gelato on the promenade.

What do you want to add? do you play? shop? Dim sum? New York is such a fun hang.

PS Where New Yorkers eat in NYC and 10 ways not to look like a tourist.

(Central Park Boat Photo Courtesy) Ben Wagner. malay cheese photo courtesy Jamie Beck For Cup of Joe.Washington Square Park fountain photo courtesy Julia Robes for Cup of Joe)

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