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68 Not Feeling Like a Priority in a Relationship Quotes to Help You Out

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It’s a terrible place when you’re in a relationship when you feel like many things are more important than you.

So in today’s post, I want to share the best relationship quotes that don’t feel like a priority.

Whether it’s a partner, friend, or family member, it helps you take a sober look at the relationships in your life and honestly understand where you want to go from here.

For your happiness, health and what you need in your life.

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Don’t Feel Like A Priority In Relationship Quotes

“The hardest thing is to lose yourself in the process of loving someone so much that you forget that you are special too.”
– Ernest Hemingway

“The only people who deserve a special place in your life are those who didn’t make you feel like they were a choice.”
– Shannon L. Alder

“I don’t want a perfect relationship. Last but not least, I strongly believe that staying loyal is a priority, not an option when it comes to relationships. Loyalty means the world. ”
– Bridget Nicole

“Be with people who don’t make excuses for their lack of effort.”
– Christy May

“Sometimes being honest with yourself can make you feel like you’re in the wrong house with the wrong person (or at least with someone who’s pretty incompatible). And it makes me wonder: my true Is there someone out there who can be your match and soulmate?
– do not know

“Love simply does not ask for permission. Acceptance is all love’s request, the only request it makes, but it is absolute. There’s nothing wrong with that.
– Stephanie Lawrence

“I don’t want to be ignored. It makes me feel like I don’t matter. Selfish, but no matter what happens, you should be first in their lives.”
– do not know

“People don’t know true hurt and suffering until they feel the pain of falling in love with someone who loves them elsewhere.”
– Rose Gordon

“She questioned her beauty because he left scars on her self-esteem…”
– rh sin

“There comes a time when you have to stop crossing the ocean. People won’t even jump over puddles for you.”
– do not know

“Most relationships will last if people try to keep you the same way they tried to get you.”
– Rashida Law

“There’s nothing sadder than a crush. When one doesn’t care at all and the other cares too much.”
– Dolly Parton

“Partners in a love relationship shouldn’t feel like they have to give up an essential part of themselves to make it viable.”
– May Sarton

“If you’re making a conscious effort… someone should be meeting you on the same page.”
– Turquoise Ominek

“You can do everything in your power to make someone happy, but there comes a point when you get tired of trying to fill the leaking bucket from the inside out.”
– Steve Maravori

“Never allow pursuits or possessions to take precedence over your relationships. Love is what gives life meaning.”
– Dave Willis

Relationship Quotes Help Not Feel Like a Priority

“Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care about anyone anymore. It just makes you realize that the only person you can really control is yourself.”
– Deborah Leiber

“Focus on your priorities before they lose focus on you.”
– Sarah Lee

“You shouldn’t get married unless you both share the same perception in many ways. Life is about to hit you, and you have to stay together. Your values ​​and Your priorities have to be on the same page or it won’t work.”
– Nicole Ali Parker

“Stop feeding connections that don’t feed you. Stop spending so much time filling others while you’re starving for love. You deserve it too.”
– Billy Chapata

“Choose choices that bring you long-term happiness, not choices that give you only temporary pleasure.”
– Sonya Parker

“Don’t put your family, friends, and significant others on your low-priority list. Prefer a handful of truly close friends to a hundred acquaintances.”
– Sam Altman

“Love should be your first priority, your first purpose, your greatest ambition. Love is not the good part of your life. I am trying to make it my biggest goal.”
– Rick Warren

“Know what’s most important to you and rarely compromise those priorities.”
– Frank Sonnenberg

“When you allow people to withdraw more than they deposit in your life, you are off balance and negative! Know when to close your account.”
– Christy Williams

“Don’t forget that one of the greatest emotional needs of a person is to feel appreciated.”
– H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“For me with kids, it doesn’t clip your wings. It gives you a different type of adventure, like you say you have different priorities.”
– Helen Skelton

“Your family and your love must be nurtured like a garden. It takes time, effort, and imagination to keep relationships flourishing and growing.”
– Jim Rohn

“When someone treats you like an option, help narrow their options by removing yourself from the equation. It’s that simple.”
– do not know

“In this world, a warm and intimate relationship cannot be maintained unless both parties make a good effort to maintain it.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

“The greatest danger in our lives is that the urgent pushes away the important.”
– Charles E. Hummel

wise not to feel like a priority in relationship quotes

“It’s pointless to talk about priorities. Priorities are revealed. We are all transparent to the clock face.”
– Eric Zorn

“Real relationships are the product of time spent. That’s why so many of us have so few of them.”
– Craig D. Roundsbrough

“You are first priority. Not an option, a last resort, or a toy. Don’t allow anyone to treat you less than that.”
– Ritu Gaturay

“The wrong person makes you want attention, affection, love and devotion. The right person loves you and gives you these things because they are right for you.”
– do not know

“For an honest understanding of who you are, don’t ask yourself what your priorities are for next week. Ask what your priorities are for the next week.”
– Robert Reed

“Creative people generally don’t behave very well. If you’re looking for examples of good relationships in show business, you’ll get depressed pretty quickly. I don’t have time for anything but work and my daughter right now.” She’s my number one priority.”
– Jim Carrey

“Love is much like a flower. With enough effort and time, it can blossom into something beautiful and unforgettable. But with neglect and coolness, it can die and be lost forever.” there is.”
– Jocelyn Sanchez

“When a man or woman puts their job first and becomes hostile to the normal, natural needs of their children and spouse, something is clearly wrong.
– Laura Schlesinger

“Not everything that can be counted can be counted, and not everything that can be counted can be counted.”
– Albert Einstein

“Don’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t fight for you, because when the real battle begins they won’t pull your heart to safety, but they will be their own.” I guess.”
– Shannon L. Alder

“You can’t have a romantic relationship if you aren’t a priority in your partner’s life. It can be a difficult pill to swallow, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll transition to a happier life.” , you can find someone worthy of your time and love.
– do not know

“Busy is no excuse for not getting other things done. It’s an excuse for not advocating your true priorities.”
– Alan Cohen

“There is no better life than striving for love, not because we have to strive, but because we believe that what we are creating is worthy and we want it to exist.” But our culture tends to misunderstand the nature of work and love, so we underestimate both.”
– Moira Weigel

“Honesty and loyalty are key. If two people can be honest with each other about everything, that’s probably the biggest key to success.”
– Taylor Lautner

“In your early 20s, it was probably acceptable to have friends who took all your time and energy, exhausted you, and constantly plagued you with drama.” I can’t stand it anymore when I start to give birth, but I think my priorities will change, so it’s okay.
– Busy Phillips

Short Relationship Priorities Quotes

“Love is my number one priority. Everything else can be different.”
– JM Gurst

“Actions represent priorities.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

“You know what it’s like to come home at night to a woman who gives you love and kindness and a little tenderness? If not, reconsider the relationship.”
– do not know

“I’m not just an option. Reject or be forgotten.”
– Drake

“Even the most intense emotions disappear when they are ignored and taken for granted.”
– Anupama Garg

“No one is really busy. It all depends on the numbers you have on their priority list.”
– do not know

“Unrequited love is different from mutual love, just as delusion is different from truth.”
George Sand

“Love is always a two-way road under construction.”
– Carol Bryant

“Indifference often hurts more than outright dislike.”
– do not know

“Unrequited love is fine in books and stuff, but in real life it’s the absolute worst.”
– Meg Cabot

“Effort is a two-way street. If you want to try, you will try, so there is no point in chasing.”
– do not know

“If someone believes you are worth the effort, they will.”
– Kevin Dahne

“Make yourself a priority. After all, you are your longest commitment.”
– do not know

“Unhealthy relationships keep your self-esteem low.”
– Sam Owen

“When priorities shift, relationship gaps start and then widen.”
– do not know

“It’s not hard to find your soulmate. To be with you.”
– Neha Yazmin

“Love comes first. True love comes first.”
– Ananya Agarwal

“If someone is really into you, you don’t have to email, call, or keep begging for their time. If you’re a priority, they’ll do it.”
– do not know

“The most important must not be at the mercy of the least important.”
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“Staying in an unappreciated situation is not called loyalty. It is called breaking your own heart.”
– do not know

“Never love someone who treats you like you’re normal.”
– Oscar Wilde

“If you have to ask where you stand, chances are you’re not a priority.
– Sonya Parker

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