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7 Reasons to Slow Down During the Summer

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The advice a mentor gave me nearly 20 years ago has stuck with me ever since.

Slow down at least a little during the summer.

This advice came to me when I lived in Vermont, a state known for its harsh winters and beautiful summers (and beautiful fall foliage). So it made perfect sense to try to enjoy this wonderful weather while it lasted.

But even though this advice was given in a specific situation, it struck me on a deeper level and I think it’s relevant to everyone, regardless of where they live. .

Even today, living in the Phoenix desert, I still practice this principle. Slow down at least a little during the summer.

Summer offers a wonderful opportunity to slow down, recharge your batteries, and reconnect with what really matters. This is not advice to stop our work or responsibilities altogether. Rather, it’s about dialing back, switching gears, and setting aside time to enrich our lives.

This advice is especially true for those of you who work long hours each week, especially if you have children at home.

But the truth is, everyone can benefit from a slower-paced mentality, whether it’s taking a vacation, leaving early in the afternoon, extending weekends, or not working on a new project at work.

Here are seven compelling reasons why we should all slow down our summer.

1. To enjoy the good weather

Let’s be honest, warm weather makes us want to be outside.

research It has been suggested that being outdoors improves mental health, increases vitamin D levels, and reduces stress. But if you work indoors all the time, you won’t be able to enjoy these benefits.

2. To connect with family

Most parents only have 18 summers together before their children grow up. I don’t have much time.

Summer offers precious moments to connect with children, create memories and strengthen family ties. Some of my most unforgettable memories with my parents happened during the summer months.

They won’t be small forever. Make this summer meaningful.

3. How to make the most of the long days

Summer brings longer daylight hours, providing the perfect setting for relaxing, slow nights.

Sit on the porch, ride a bike with your child, take a walk with your spouse, spend time with your neighbors, buy ice cream, or attend your child’s tea ball game. It’s the perfect time to

Spending time at leisure like this lifts your mood and improves your overall well-being.

4. How to find your natural rhythm of the year

We often get so caught up in our work and routine that we forget the natural rhythm of life.

This cycle of slowing down in the summer, picking up the pace in the fall, taking a short break during the holidays, and slamming into spring reflects the ebb and flow of nature.

By following this rhythm, we can bring a sense of balance and harmony into our lives.

5. Reevaluate and reorient our lives

Slowing down gives you room for self-reflection, an opportunity to assess your priorities, and align your actions with what matters most to you. The typical hustle and bustle of life often leaves little room for self-reflection.

Slowing down during the summer gives you the opportunity to take a step back, assess your life trajectory, and make any necessary adjustments.

6. How to reconnect with friends

With vacations and social gatherings, summer is also a great time to reunite with friends.

These social interactions play an important role in promoting mental health.

It can be an expensive outing at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Playing Frisbee in the park is as good for him as spending a week at the beach.

7. Summer offers opportunities to learn and grow.

The summer months slow down a bit, giving you the opportunity to invest time in your personal growth at a more relaxed pace. This might mean reading a book, learning a new skill, or starting a hobby that you’ve been putting off.

By dialing back, you can dedicate a portion of your time to self-improvement that is often neglected during busy times of the year. And what’s the best? This learning happens when you’re relaxing on the porch, relaxing in your backyard, on vacation, or drinking lemonade with friends in the park.

So whether you are a parent looking to create unforgettable memories with your children, a hard worker who needs a break, or simply want to enjoy the beauty of summer. , slowing the pace could be your ticket to a fuller season.

Prioritize speed and banish the quiet this summer, and schedule for the sunset.

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