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7 Things You Need to Do If You Want to Enjoy Life More

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Have you ever felt like you were just moving? Like being too grown up and having too little fun and wondering why life isn’t more fun?

I think we all feel this way at times, not just because of our hectic lives and overwhelming responsibilities. We also have busy minds and overwhelming thoughts that leave us stressed, anxious, and anxious. They unintentionally sabotage their own happiness by thinking they need to do something big to be entitled to enjoy life.

The tragedy is that months and years pass while we plan, hope and wait.

If you’re looking to infuse more joy into your life, these 7 tips are a great start.

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1. Imagine that everyone you meet is someone you’re proud of, excited about, or rooting for.

Given the sheer number of people we meet in a day, it’s easy to ignore them, seeing the faces behind our lives as a blur, or worse, seeing them as obstacles and enemies. I can. However, this creates a sense of separation and sometimes even hostility, leaving us defensive and defensive.

It’s more fun to imagine that everyone we meet looks a lot like us. When we humanize the people around us, we are kinder, more open, more carefree, and more likely to enjoy moments of true connection.

A young girl had a complete breakdown the other day while I was having a pedicure with my sister.

As a fellow mother, I know how difficult it can be to deal with a public meltdown, and I was proud of this woman I didn’t know, so this struck a chord with me. My sister and I applauded when she came.

It’s easy to sense that strangers are doing great things. But that person calling loudly in the store? Maybe he’s reuniting with a best friend he hasn’t spoken to in years. And I am thrilled with them! That guy who was rude to the cashier and walked away? Maybe they have faced deep trauma and are suffering from depression. And I am rooting for them!

The world is a friendly place when we try to see (and treat) everyone as a friend.

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2. Have a small adventure every day.

Most of us live in constant routine and monotony. Ring the alarm, take a shower, get in the car, drive to work, drive home, and so on. When life feels monotonous, we inevitably look for ways to escape. We distract ourselves with our cell phones, numb with beer and wine at night, and daydream about every trip we want to take.

We can all make changes to enjoy life more, but most people can’t make big changes overnight. It cannot cure the health problems that have plagued us for so long. But you can find ways to breathe adventure into your daily life.

Maybe you commute by bike. Or take a short hike on your lunch break. Or watching the sunset instead of Netflix. Doing something different makes your day more exciting. Being in nature lifts your mood and draws you into the present.

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3. See the world like you’re on vacation.

I said I shouldn’t seek refuge, but like most people, I’m happiest when I’m traveling.

When I travel, I look for fun things to do even if it’s raining outside. I see the world with a sense of excitement and wonder, appreciating the local customs and unique landscapes around me. I am also incredibly present, drawn into the moment by the novelty and adventure of it all.

The beautiful thing is that we can employ this mindset in our own backyards, finding new endeavors just a few miles away. Not only can you walk past buildings, but you can also admire the architecture of your neighborhood. We can choose to attend with an open mind and excitement about what the day will bring.

The easiest way to enjoy life more is to actively seek out things to enjoy.

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4. Leave some space in your schedule.

If you’re like me, ticking something off your to-do list might give you a little gratification. It feels good. Unless otherwise. When you’re overwhelmed with lists, attach your worth to everything you’ve accomplished, and your ego tells you it’s not enough.

Filling your day with tasks to complete leaves little room for spontaneity and surprises, leaving little opportunity for the insight and inspiration you get when your mind is still. So instead of filling your schedule with to-dos, leave a little space. Feel free to put it on your to-do list if it helps. Then see where your heart pulls. Take a walk. make a call. Bake a cake. Do whatever makes you smile.

As a mother of two young children with many needs and even more desires, I know sometimes the list is long. But I don’t have to do all of them right now, or completely, or even me.

The less you put on your plate, the more you can savor what’s there without rushing to move on to the next dish.

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5. Relieve pressure.

The aforementioned tips can be very difficult to apply if you feel like you need more fulfillment in your day-to-day life. If you feel lost and meaningless, if you feel that life is meaningless or that you are wasting your time.

Every day can feel like a pressure cooker when you feel like you have to do something important or big, especially if you’ve been trying for years. Life is short and just like time runs out, it’s better to hurry up and do something important.But stressing yourself doesn’t guarantee any particular result. It just guarantees that you won’t enjoy it.

So instead of telling yourself that your day only matters if you’re one step closer to your goal, tell yourself that your main goal is to enjoy each day as much as possible. If you’re learning and having fun, you’re never “wasting time.”

If you focus on learning and having fun, chances are you’ll come across some way to make a difference in the world. It means using your talents to help others and inspiring others by being your happiest, most present self.

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6. Practice simple little happy habits.

We often find happiness in big events such as milestones, achievements, and adventures. And they absolutely can bring us meaning and satisfaction. But day-to-day happiness depends on what we do… you guessed it… day by day. And it starts with small habits.

Maybe it’s complimenting people for something that might go unnoticed and unappreciated. Or maybe Jim on The Truman Show She’s crafting a smile-inducing catchphrase, like Carrie (“Good morning. In case we don’t meet again, hello, good evening, good night!” ).

Make a list of small habits that may accelerate your joy or that of others. Then pepper them throughout your day. One of my favorite things about him is playing the “running game” with his sons. So we run around the living room laughing (and up the stairs) to Ghostbusters and Time Warp (or “time work,” as my oldest puts it). The endorphins from running, the contagious sound of their giggles…instant joy every time!

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7. Get out of your head and into your body.

There’s a reason I love running games. I also enjoy yoga, hiking and walking barefoot on the beach. Physical activity has a way of getting us out of our minds. So instead of dwelling on what happened yesterday or worrying about tomorrow, we are in the present moment. rooted in our bodies. You might be releasing stress, stimulating endorphins, and enjoying the rush with your loved ones.

Interestingly, exercise makes us feel more connected, not just because it is often a social experience. According to health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, exercise changes our brain chemistry, making it easier to connect and bond with others … social pleasures like high fives, laughter, and hugs. increase the.”

So not only do we feel calmer, happier, and more present, but we also feel a deeper sense of love and belonging. A much better alternative than

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Let’s be honest, life isn’t always fun. Even the luckiest among us face struggles, obligations, and demons. But we are all given countless opportunities for connection and joy. If only I could create space in my life, get out of my head, and live in the present.

It starts with a simple choice. It’s a small decision to do something different. Trying something new or saying something instead of just thinking or challenging thoughts that might be holding us back. These small choices don’t change everything, but they can change the whole experience. Maybe that’s enough for now, at least.

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