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8 Fun Ideas for Your Husband This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day, to my husband?

If this was the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the title of this article, you know. I’ve been there; I’m there! A dinner with no time limit, a romantic evening without mountain trekking, and the only surprise was a toddler landing in bed at 2am.

Or maybe you are in another season of life. You feel that you have been married longer than you have been alive and are having a hard time thinking of anything new. , I really want him to know that I am being taken care of, but we are all in trouble financially.

Valentine’s Day gets a bad rap in my opinion. While it’s true that you might spend a lot of money, think of the number of roses in your bouquet as your worth, or stress out about the need to gift a life-size box of chocolates, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to look that way. there is no. You can use this day as a reminder to show your husband some extra TLC in whatever way you decide to show your love!

Check out 8 fun and affordable ideas for your husband this Valentine’s Day.

1. Decorate the card

I came across these recently oversized valentine cardMy first thought was, “How fun, my daughters will love this!” But my heart went to my husband. Use this space to write down everything you love about your husband. Save the card for next year and put it out with your other Valentine’s decorations. You can write down how many memories of Valentine’s Day you spent together. Another fun idea: Create an acrostic with this name (a short first name? Middle name is fine!). You can also list your top 10 favorite things to do with your husband, 10 trips you would love to take with your spouse, or 10 ways he makes you smile.

2. Plan an intimate date

Valentine’s Day restaurants are packed, and there’s the task of finding non-elastic sitters and clothing. Instead of going out, feed the kids pizza and go to bed early. Once the kids have settled in, enjoy some one-on-one time with your spouse. meal? Be whatever you want! If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate, pack a picnic and go outside. Does your husband like Italian food? Whip the bolognese, toast the baguette, pick up the salad mix, violait’s like being in Little Italy. try the grill. Low maintenance and relatively stress free. Hook up your meat of choice and some veggies and call it a night.

3. Build your favorite basket

This Valentine’s Day, I put together a basket of all my husband’s favorite things. It can be anything from food to your favorite pair of socks. I usually like to include a variety of items, so don’t think too much about this. You can easily add items that he enjoys and that you normally buy. For example, I always have coffee, but I choose fun themed cups. I’m concerned about the balance between sweetness and saltiness, but are there any men who like chocolate? Let’s make a Hershey’s proud basket! This is a great time to add items that he enjoys or needs but might not necessarily consider buying for himself. You can also add two gift cards.

4. Make a coupon book

This is proven. A good coupon book has never failed me in the gift department. My husband still has the first book I made when we were dating. Thankfully, I have found a great resource full of templates that you can personalize. Kamba. There are many free options, but if you find what you need, you can purchase a template for a nominal fee.If you decide to go the Canva route, we have plenty of coupon ideas for you. If you want to create your own, here are some ideas for getting those creative juices flowing. (think giving him a night and taking the kids out), or housework swaps are always winners.

5. Try new things

Especially for couples who have just started dating, date night can be a rut. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a nice dinner at my favorite restaurant, but why not use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to try something new? Consider taking dance lessons or enjoying an interactive dinner or show. Get out of your comfort zone and watch a play instead of a movie, race go-karts or eat at a wall-to-wall restaurant. The possibilities are endless! You can always surprise him by playing his favorite sport, going batting to his cage, golfing out on his course, or going to the bowling alley.

6. watch the sunrise or sunset

My husband and I are polar opposites. He is a night person and I am an early riser. There’s nothing better than waking up in a dark, quiet house and waiting for the sun to come up. Conversely, my husband only enjoys working outside until the sun goes down. He believes there is nothing more beautiful than a sunset. Dinner, bath, and bed are basically in the evening, so she doesn’t have much time to enjoy herself with her husband. But make sure you watch the sunrise or sunset (whichever you prefer) with your spouse. Make your favorite drink memorable and tell them 5 things you love about them.

7. Host a game night

Dust off your deck of cards, pull out your old favorites, and enjoy quality time with your spouse. No games at home? Check out your local thrift store, antique shop, or donation spot. You can find them for a few bucks. Want something a little more personal? Scavenger his hunt around the house, hiding his favorite treats and notes as ‘hidden treasures’.

8. Watch movies in bed

Pop a big bag of popcorn, cuddle with your husband, and watch a movie in bed. For some people, watching TV in bed may not be that special, but it can create a romantic atmosphere. Grab a few candles, puff up his pillow, and prepare his favorite treats. Let him choose a movie and do your best not to fall asleep (or maybe that’s my struggle!).

Sometimes we overcomplicate what makes a man happy. Most men are satisfied with good food and extra love from their wives. I hope she finds a way to show her husband extra love this Valentine’s Day. A little effort goes a long way in showing that you care.

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